Latest Plan to Save Real Estate Market: Purchase Protection Plans

A developer (DoThink/德信地产) has contracted with Kylin Investment (凯银) to offer home buyers a 3-year 120% buyback guarantee. The projects involved are in Wenzhou, which is probably lower risk if only because prices are down 30 percent over the past three years. The second part of the headline says, a big marketing war is imminent. With offers like these popping up, that is an understatement.

The article also discusses financing deals available to home buyers and SouFun's recent deal with agents as part of a broad look at the growing competition over a no longer growing pie.

市场惊现“三年无理由120%回购” 楼市营销大战一触即发
a new real estate marketing battle has been unveiled.

June 10, Dickson real estate investment banking joint Kay in Wenzhou launched the "three no reason to repurchase 120% of" purchase protection program to turn the tide in the tide of.

Knew Shanghai Vanke, China Vanke, one focused on real estate, finance found room began to test the water "the world loan" products. The biggest advantage of this product is to give up to 90 million, the highest 24 unsecured credit financial services, and enjoy benchmark bank lending rates. Headquartered in Hangzhou Greentown Group will be distributed within the household of the old owners nationwide total of 200,000 yuan of the purchase card, these buyers are expected to reach 30 billion yuan of total deals.

It is understood that the Wenzhou Kai Tak Estate and Investment Bank jointly launched the second "purchase protection plan" is for its lakeside 1, Aegean Coast, and Park Forest mansion together to carry out the three new housing estate, directed buyers to protect the Fund has issued fund size of 200 million yuan, first-served basis. Buyers purchase the new source to meet the conditions for approval Kay silver investment, you can enjoy three years after the customer in accordance with 120% no reason to "real estate sale" housing price of the repurchase and transfer of Kay Bank Investment bear all taxes. Meanwhile, Dickson Group Holdings plans to provide full guarantees for the service.

In addition to the developers, the traditional electronic business platform also fight for more market share and improve their operational risk.

According to the relevant person in charge of maritime legend Soufangwang project, currently at sea by the legendary deal Soufangwang listings, in addition to the traditional electric associations give preferential deposit deductible, decoration cash subsidies and other policies, found room will be given financial buyers Up to 90 million, the highest 24 unsecured credit financial services, and enjoy the bank benchmark lending rates.

"This unsecured loans we give only one condition that no more than your own funds, such as your down payment 1,000,000, only 500,000 own, that we can only lend you 500,000, the loan limit is 900,000. "These parties.

In mid-May of this year, Beijing Four Seasons Pearl Joy has found room and financial cooperation, launched a high-profile "zero down payment" program. It is reported that only qualified buyers are required to pay part of the deposit, you can get high loan provided by the search room, the developer responsible for the loan discount, buyers in the search room within an agreed period of credit provided by a third-party payments that available.

Analysts pointed out that there are institutions, real estate and Kai Tak silver capital which was quite upset, to bear the risk of self-evident. The "world-prime" is the use of network resources, collection of private funds through online and offline interaction, to achieve further integration of private capital. Developers in the current credit crunch, the introduction of the "world-prime" such financial platform to give buyers some financial support to stimulate some of the loans due to lack of buyers hesitant deal.

"Such financial platform there are some risks on the one hand, because of funding from the private sector, the total amount of funds can not ensure, in the case of the loan will be larger than the money is tight lending conditions can not be timely; On the other hand, due to the Such financial platform for both audit and chase money lending, lack of enforcement and effective measures in the event of a credit crisis often vulnerable. "above analyst said.

"Just credit guarantees, do not know how developers and found room inside the specific operation. Seemingly very attractive, but if prices continue to adjust, most likely turn into a small subprime crisis." Tells a central enterprise developers his concerns.

Han Yu Real Estate Marketing also believe that "the world loan" service is a supplier of electricity to extend the customer experience, the amount of the developer is also a way to run. But its compliance with national regulatory norms, with or without the relevant qualifications, there are still many doubts.

These marketing methods Yangtze River, is expected to appear in the property market increasingly strong downward background.

Shanghai E-House Real Estate Institute released a report that, as of the end of May, the total of 35 cities monitored by the newly built commercial housing stock to 255,700,000 square meters, a new record, the most significant increase in first-tier cities. In addition, 35 cities in new commercial housing sales ratio was 16.5 months, sales ratio indicators continue to deteriorate.

Shanghai Zhongyuan, director of research and consulting real estate Song Yong said the credit crunch makes the property market "gold three", "four silver", "Red Five" were spent in the cold, as the latter had no significant positive factors, the property market is likely to not large.

Wang Wei Li same strategy consulting, research director, said a marked decline in turnover from the beginning of May, the reaction is slow-paced housing prices, but the number of promotional items showed a rising trend. On Shanghai, the proportion of new projects from promotional digit tradition has expanded to about 15%.

21st Century Business Herald reporter found that the price war is not the mainstream, replaced by a high-tech marketing strategy. In addition to financial marketing, the national marketing, traditional marketing areas are also popular.

It is reported that, Greentown has started brewing between the purchase card issuing activities in May of this year. The program has just come out of the disclosure of the specific mode of operation, payment to each household Greentown old owner of a total nominal value of 200,000 yuan to enjoy excellent excellent ranking card, including the delivery of the project and the old owners sold the project, more than 10 years of Greentown owners may be issued a set. The card bearer, means the transfer of Greentown old owners do.

Just recently, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and other places also have real estate big hit after another "national marketing slogan" broad strokes "partner" with sellers, and provide the highest reward of $ 40,000 commission.

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