Developer and Govt Selling Rush

The moves to ease buying restrictions and some stronger GDP data have the developers itching to raise prices and local governments rushing land sales (in the article below it is Yuhang district of Hangzhou). Some sales are indeed jumping in Hangzhou and Wenzhou at the high end of the market, sparking big upticks in sales figures. No doubt there is some pent up demand, and it's logical that it would be at the high end due to limited supply. The question is how deep this demand goes and if we will also see buying pick up in the middle and low end of the market. The article notes that "third parties" are not as optimistic as developers and local governments.

Notable: the count of cities easing buying restrictions is now up to 30 of 46.

楼市松绑:开发商酝酿涨价 地方政府借势推地
The purchase of the property market deregulation make frequent opportunity yet to

Several cities to cancel the purchase after another came the news is.

Just this week, Zhejiang, Hangzhou , Wenzhou, Ningbo are gradually be relaxed for the purchase, the purchase in 46 cities nationwide, and has about 30 cities actually began deregulation policies to varying degrees.

Nonetheless, the property did not pick up signs, most cities in a "flash in the pan" type of peak-type deal. Medium and long term, property markets continues.

Restriction relaxed list will be expanded

In Zhejiang Province, the purchase of pre-existing cities including Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Zhoushan, Shaoxing, Taizhou, Zhoushan.

So far, only Zhoushan, Shaoxing, Taizhou, there is still a restriction policy. Yesterday, Ningbo also joined the relaxed camp.

Yesterday, Ningbo Municipal Construction Committee official microblogging news release said, starting July 31, the purchase of Ningbo City, county (city) and Yinzhou, Beilun, Zhenhai, high-tech zones housing (including commodity housing, second-hand housing), is no longer needed Family housing situation queries proof. Buy Haishu, Jiangdong, Jiangbei central city housing is no longer used to provide family housing situation queries proof.

This is considered to be the policy of Zhejiang restriction relaxed version of the most thorough one. Hangzhou 140 square meters or more, compared with just relaxed, Ningbo policies seem larger scale.

Moreover, the purchase of Wenzhou also be relaxed, this house prices fell by 34 months of continuous city in March this year, it intends to be relaxed, wait until the end of July, Hangzhou took the lead after deregulation, this joined with lightning speed relaxed camp.

Compared to the country's situation is somewhat similar with this, more than half of the city are on the deregulation policy. Previously, Hohhot, Jinan, Suzhou , Nanning, Haikou five cities to implement the purchase of the first to confirm the cancellation of official restriction.

In addition, Centaline Group research center monitoring shows that as of July 23, at 46 restriction cities in 26 cities for the purchase of the policy fine-tuning (limited purchase cancellation, partial cancellation, the implementation level to cancel or rumors of cancellation), urban restriction " relaxation "rate of nearly 60%.

This list is constantly expanding. "There will be more relaxed city to join the camp, but did not estimate the north of Guangzhou." Director of CB Richard Ellis, general manager of Hangzhou 马英枢 said pressure tier cities is relatively small, the larger northward wide demonstration effect, even if deregulation, the intensity is limited.

Deal a "rebound"

In Hangzhou, the market situation for example, as at 22:00 on the 29th, Hangzhou multiple mansions have the money for the transaction: Riverside City Star 6 sets of transactions, and homeland traded five sets, four sets of transactions Greentown orchid garden, the Arc de Triomphe turnover of a sets, a set of ten villas turnover ...... According to statistics, the main city of Hangzhou mansion volume more than 30 sets of turnover over 400 million yuan.

A similar situation also appears in the private market statistics relaxed week Wenzhou, Wenzhou market after last week, Wenzhou city's total turnover of real estate 875 sets of closing an area of 123,000 square meters, the ring than the second week of July of 542 units, 62,600 meters, respectively, an increase of 60% and 96%.

Compared with the confidence of developers, third-party organizations seem more rational, most thought it was the release of a stock.

"From this day transaction data can be seen, there are large units and the total characteristics of high." 马英枢 said, most of these customers before the purchase of deregulation has been a clear intention, before the market also has been rumored to be unbundled Therefore, the policy will be landing at the first time to the next one. The turnover of the entire inventory of Hangzhou accounted for very little and can not really ease the inventory to slow the problem.

In contrast, many developers seem to boost confidence, "It's more than two days, customers are single, and some still are hesitant to state, yet negotiated price customers fear the latter will also have the next single." Xiaoshan of a local developer, told reporters that the restriction is relaxed brings market confidence, so many people to become more active buyers.

However, many developers in Hangzhou also said, this does not relieve the market really caused problems, especially more than 140 square meters of the house before deregulation, the impact of this drop in the bucket.

Developers, government rob business?

A ranking TOP10 of the number of real estate developers are brewing its price adjustment.

"After the purchase of release, we intend to price adjustment. Currently the default solution is price 500 yuan / square meter." Where the person in charge of a project, told reporters that their current plan is to start from August 1 the price adjustment.

They will carry out its multiple real estate price increases, previously, if the purchase order has not relaxed, they were more often lower prices.

There are some developers tried to cut prices to "extension off", "some customers exist at this time intent, if the price is in place, it is likely to be the next single." Hangzhou local developers say they will in the near future a number of promotional units go Billiton passengers.

A developer to take advantage of low-cost three-TOP build off the opening, two hundred thousand suites source came the panic room, "with the intention of customers active in the market recently, so the recent price war is a good time."

Interestingly, not only the developers out to grab customers, the local government is also an occasion to push land.

July 29, Hangzhou has just declared that "the main city of Hangzhou, 140 square meters and over to unlock the purchase, Xiaoshan, Yuhang District, two full lifting of the ban," the local government will invite developers Yuhang District, its promotion of land. Yuhang district government in 2014 to read the manual, this manual is divided into west articles, north articles, Linping Vice City, Metro Chongxian four, pushing the amount is large, which only had 40 foxglove.

This is also a time to let go because of the restriction, the Government has followed out to grab business.

More critical is a good market last year due to Hangzhou, Yuhang District, sold a lot of high-priced land, and even lack of "Lord" plots. Gouzhuang deep plate Yuexiu Property [ 2.38% ] is a typical case, last year to 9,600 yuan / square meter of floor price won a residential land, and close to the North Chen light Vanke take their half of the land is not to.

However, some of the data and is not optimistic, Yuhang property land was very hot. According to statistics, in 2013 the amount of 26.637 billion yuan from land Yuhang, a record high. The annual transfer of buildable land area of ​​3.679 million square meters, this amount is nearly one-third over the same period in Hangzhou city, much larger than the Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, the largest amount of land to sell all districts (counties) in.

As at 16:00 on the July 30, Hangzhou city's inventory is 134,579 units, of which 36,179 residential units. Yuhang District inventory 49,964 units, 41,327 housing units, housing accounted for 82.7%. The statistics show that the total volume 10,409 units during the first half of Yuhang, only a quarter of stocks.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, more developers Hangzhou Gouzhuang plate close price war, this sector for many developers shunned the land.

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