Idiots in Hubei Build Illegal Buildings On Edge of Dry River Bed

There's no river going through there anymore, but will that always be the case? One disastrous rainstorm and they would have a huge problem.

Construction has been halted, but they managed to build several floors of the structures before being caught.

湖北一河道内疑现2处违建房 官方称均已停工
For Internet users reflect "along the river town of Badong County regarding the construction of illegal buildings occupied by the river", July 18, Badong County authorities responded that the two buildings have been involved in stoppages, but the behavior does not involve the construction of the river, does not involve the Three Gorges reservoir water level control lines.

July 14, that someone broke the news in the Sports Network East Lake community, in Badong County, along the shores of the bridge crossing the town, there are two houses in the river suspected building. Netizens questioned belong violations, and provides related images. You can see from the picture, not far from the shores of the bridge consists of 2 unfinished building close to the river, the bottom of which a building has been close to the dry river bed .

July 18, the reporter contacted the Badong County Water Conservancy Bureau of Fisheries, the Bureau conducted a reply on the relevant instructions.

The council said in reply, after investigation, the users of which reflect a dual housing households to Badong County Oil Co. of God, the house is located along the river town high Iwamura four groups. Mapping the professional measuring mechanism, the housing construction minimum altitude above the Three Gorges Reservoir construction control lines, and the construction of the house is not in the river, the river does not exist occupied housing problems. The housing construction has made "construction land planning permit," "land for construction of ratification" and "approval of the environmental impact of construction projects" and other related procedures, because some procedures are not completed, the project has been asked to shut down.

Reply, said another house next to the bridge users reflect the immigrant families together two building, the house was built in the southern end of the bridge along the river, and its height above the double construction Oil Co. of God for himself, and made "Geotechnical Investigation Report", after the County Planning Board because no advice to refuse to handle land use planning procedures, engineering program termination, has not made "construction land planning permit."

Subsequently, the reporter contacted Badong County town government to verify the situation along the river, the relevant person in charge of water conservancy and Fisheries Bureau confirmed the statement and said that the behavior of immigrants illegally built housing co-exist, the local government has repeatedly Construction Management Office under its issued a "suspension notice." Currently, the building has been there more than a month halt, the relevant departments are providers [ Introduction News ] discuss related penalties.

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