Changzhou Party Mouthpiece: Now Is A Great Time to Buy Changzhou Real Estate; People's Daily: Where Is Your Integrity?

Now a local party has taken to cheerleading for the real estate market. The headline says, in essence, "Now Is A Great Time to Buy."

The People's Daily hammered the piece. It reports that the message bombed online as netizens saw it as a feeble attempt by the local government to spur home buying. When a People's Daily reporter tried to contact the authors of the piece, they were told "now is not a convenient time to comment on it."

The stake through the heart:
On July 15, Changzhou Daily, the local government party newspaper, on the front page lead story issued a call for people to buy a home, saying it was the best time to buy. This "market rescue" move shows a complete lack of integrity.

人民网批常州日报头条:救市要有底线 不能无节操
Today, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Party organ "Changzhou Daily" published in its front-page position "the city has to purchase a good time," a text, the text quoted in Changzhou, Jiangsu and multi- data, and industry insiders point of view "the city has no prices decline in space, is the recent purchase of a good time." The article was subsequently reprinted a number of sites, users have thread towers, and on the micro-channel, microblogging and other personal social media was repeatedly forwarded comment. Most users believe that local party newspaper opinion article was disguised bailout behavior.

According to People's Daily reporter, the author of this report is signed by the end of the text, "Miao Zi 'and' Huangjie Lu", it is worth noting that the signature of 黄洁璐 Changzhou Daily reporter, and to implement Zi Miao Changzhou City housing security and property management Director of Bureau Xuanjiao Chu.

Reporters call the Secretary of Changzhou City Housing Authority Sun Yong and Zi Miao to one of the authors, both sides said now is not convenient for the report to be evaluated.

According to the data of the report referred to in the first half of this year, Changzhou urban housing and commercial housing sales record area was 3,056,000 square meters and 2,507,400 square meters, down 6.63% and 11.25%, respectively; view from the transaction price the first half of Changzhou housing and commercial housing sales price was 6,854 yuan / square meter and 6,796 yuan / square meter, down 7.15% and 5.82% respectively.

The article also pointed out that in the first half of this year than the supply of goods Changzhou urban housing for 1:0.93, 1:0.76, compared with last year, "to significantly improve efficiency."

"The first half fell significantly greater than sales of new supply decline, indicating that the market has to play a regulatory role in the development of enterprises are consciously reducing the push plate, reducing pressure on the market." The report noted that "the trend for the second half, the reporter visited Many people in the industry, they have said that the city is no longer housing prices decline in space, the recent purchase of a good time. "

According to data provided by the real estate network in Changzhou, Changzhou June this year a total of 66 projects opened or push the new housing, new housing over 17,000 units, compared with the same period in the first half of 2013 increased by almost 1,000 units.

Despite the push plate has increased, but the first half of the five areas of real estate transactions in Changzhou about 2.8 million units, a decrease of about 8% over last year. Notably, residential turnover fell by nearly 2 percent, the average transaction price is for six months did not break 7,000 yuan / square meter.

According to the World Union Properties [ Introduction News ] data show that real estate transactions in the first half of 2014, Changzhou 36,196 units, of which 25,450 units of commercial housing turnover, up 31,031 units last year, a decrease of 17.99%. As of the end of the first half of this year, Changzhou Yishoufang commercial residential salable area of 12,318,100 square meters, according to nearly 26 weeks if the goods Changzhou weekly average 119,600 square meters of residential sales rate, the current new home sales potential need Changzhou more than 103 weeks of time to be fully digested the market, which is nearly 2 years.

People's Daily reporter in the news after a number of websites reproduced thread found Changzhou Daily article view does not agree with the majority of Internet users. Among them, Tencent users post comments on the original nearly 2,000 times, some commenters said "let the market speak, to be calm buyers," there are users questioned the point of this article, and ask, "If the opportunity to purchase, why volume still able to come up?. " While the few netizens questioned the motives of the text that is "Changzhou local government bailout in disguise, called on everyone to buy a house."

People's Housing Review

"Bailout" should be the bottom line

Maple Leaf

Although the real estate market has been showing the pattern of regional and local governments according to different market conditions, to take a two-way, real estate and even multi-directional control measures. However, this does not mean that the current real estate market is unlimited, unchaste to go "rescue."

July 15, Changzhou Daily as a local government party newspaper, issued a document called on people to actually buy a house in the headlines, said it was the best time to buy a house. This "bailout" move, it is no festival parade behavior.

Learn Changzhou people know the real estate market, long time, Changzhou is a serious oversupply of real estate market representatives. Since 2006, every time the real estate market correction, Changzhou, are the hardest hit. Ultimately, the local government is too big to land, urbanization, population size can not keep the house supply. Changzhou plus processing and manufacturing base in the past, rapid urban development planning, and processing and manufacturing a recession later, the urban population aggregation ability decay, thus resulting in a large number of houses idle, vacant, in many cases not sell.

Remember in 2008 when the real estate regulation, Changzhou had taken over the case from the government to pay for the real estate market as affordable housing, although this approach at the time from the perspective of protection of housing construction, is an innovative place, but from another a point of view, the problem of excess houses on the market in Changzhou, has been long-standing.

The real estate market is still far from the depth and breadth of the place, Hohhot, announced the release of some cities the purchase , but these measures are in line with the local real estate market conditions, the market will not bring too much market disturbances. And even at the local party newspaper headlines Changzhou dispatch call to buy a house, but it is ridiculous to slip a little mean.

This "rescue" approach may not be effective. Changzhou problem of excess real estate market, rooted in local government for the land of excess, bi-directional control measures should be in accordance with the Ministry of Housing and other departments to strengthen for the control, while the development of population and land, housing construction matching urbanization plan. Local governments should not be uncontrolled land, should get out as soon as possible from the financial dependence of the land. Rather than relying on the local party newspaper to yell a few words, buy a house call, we can solve this problem of urban housing high inventory.

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