Shenzhen Existing Home Sales Plummet in June

Almost 90% of listings in Shenzhen saw price declines in June, according to Centaline. The firm also recorded an average price decline of 1.78% in Shenzhen, with most declines in the range of 2% to 3%, down from a 0.9% increase in May.

深圳二手房成交量大跌 6月近九成样本房价下跌
Volume fell sharply, while second-hand housing transaction prices are synchronized down. Centaline latest data show that in June Shenzhen secondary residential average price of 29,298 yuan / square meter, down 1.78 percent. This is the second since May, second-hand housing prices in Shenzhen fell for two consecutive months. 58 city nearly two months of second-hand housing transaction prices also showed a continuous decline trend. 31 city blocks samples Nearly nine fell.

Shenzhen property market turnover in the doldrums for six months, the price hole torn in the May, June hole is growing. Statistics from the Central Plains city's leading index plate 31 samples run, June 27 plate prices fell, accounting for 87.1 percent, only four sectors rose slightly. Gradually expand the range of adjustment, Futian, Nanshan, Bao'an and Longgang all sectors even fully lowered.

Specific fell in June from the plate situation, the magnitude of the overall average reduction of 2.2% compared to May expanded 0.9 percent, down most of the plates are between 2% to 3%. In addition there are seven sections in excess of 3% margin, which Huangbeiling plate fell the most, down 3.7%; smallest decline for OCT [ Introduction News ] sector, the decline was only 0.1%. Compared with May, June fell plate in each price segment fell by an increase in both the proportion of properties in varying degrees, in which the average price of property accounted for 20,000 ~ 30,000 yuan / square meter price segment of 84%, 30000 ~ Property accounted for 40,000 yuan / square meter price segment of 86%, 40,000 yuan / square meter and above accounted for 78% of the property, while 20,000 yuan / square meter property accounted for 86% and below, continue to simmer under the negative factors , whether high-end or low-end properties have dropped prices of properties in varying degrees.

From the recent case of second-hand owners Asking view to accelerate the speed of transactions, the owners of downward adjustment is gradually expanding, and also reduced the scope of spread within the city.

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