Gansu Developer Takes the Money And Runs

甘肃开发商资金链断裂携款跑路 1000名购房者人心惶惶
The evening of July 1, Zhangye City real estate development company and Kim Bo-Bo Jin property company legal representative and the company employees while "foot", resulting in the construction of the residential part of the work stoppage, builders of the project funds have nowhere to beg. Currently more than 1,000 property owners in the district panic, some owners to launch time, but can not get the keys; some owners to pay back the principal, but so downtime in the construction of buildings. Currently the local government has instructed the public security, urban, industrial and commercial, industrial parks and other relevant departments involved in investigating the matter.

Developers "foot" of government departments involved in the investigation

July 8 afternoon, the reporter Bo Yun Kim Spring Lake Park, located west of the city of Zhangye Royal Bay [ News Price apartment Review ] district saw the entrance door of each unit within the district and the district have been posted Zhangye Industry construction of the park management committee on July 2 sent to residential tenants under the "Disclosure Statement": "Botkin reflect the households received Royal Bay residential developers about the situation, the district government attaches great importance, has instructed the police, rent, construction, industrial and commercial, industrial parks and other relevant departments involved in verification, grasp the situation and take appropriate measures to protect the rights and interests of the majority of buyers households concerned to verify the situation and we will be notified to you and households, the majority of households is well known. "

The district, some owners have told reporters reflect the situation. "I was last June 18 to pay back the principal, had to take the door key on July 2 this year, the second half of this year to prepare renovated houses to get married, I did not expect the developers ran, my marriage is currently not also end up. "the residential property owners, Building 17, Wang told reporters, July 2 in the morning, he excitedly came to the door of the cell unit, but to see the door, "Botkin absconding real estate developers also my hard-earned money" banner. After asking other residents learned that district, residential developers have been on the evening of July 1 and ran away. Wang suddenly Mongolia: "My marriage room how to do it? "

Subsequently, the reporter arrived at the first floor of Building 13, Botkin office real estate development company, found the office door locked, Ganzhou District Public Security Bureau has been sealed, and houses a large portion of the cell door is also locked the door. According to the staff of the residential property company introduced after the incident and they retrieved the July 1 nights district surveillance video and saw that night Botkin real estate development companies are mainly responsible for six separate bag casually out of the cell door, even There are people in charge of the guard greeted warmly and doorman was also thought that they went out for a walk, after which they did not think there would be no news.

Construction work stoppage submitted in sight

Wu Bo Golden Bay, Building 26 Royal Household, she Jiaofang Kuan in 2012, newly renovated in March this year to stay. "Just live in only a few months time, such a thing happened, how we handle the relevant procedures Yeah?" Worried Wu told reporters her hands only " real estate sales contracts, "and payment receipts, There are no other formalities.

Mr. Lee is the Community Building 37 property owners, in October 2013, he first intercourse clear 380,000 yuan housing fund, the developers promise turnkey July 30 this year. Today developers deserted, while 37 Building Lee book is still in construction status, the current accident has been suspended due to the developers. When to stay, Lee is not known.

The Community Building 7 owners Qin told reporters that he paid the money, but also get the key, but when he was ready to go, such as decorating the house on July 2, household door key but also how to not get into, and later found the lock cylinder being poured into the glue.

In the interview, residential tenants have told reporters that they have now, there are three main scenarios: First, some owners to pay back the principal, got the keys, but because developers "on foot", incomplete formalities and can not handle real estate license and land certificate; Second, although some owners have paid the money, but has yet to get the house keys; Third, some tenants have all the money to settle, but not booking the building foundation excavation.

"Buy a house, the family is almost exhausted all their savings, but now it has come to such an end." One resident told reporters, now with the developer of the "foot", residential property owners are worried all day.

Developers "foot" is a funding strand breaks?

Botkin Royal Bay residential property company Leijing Li reluctantly told reporters, Botkin Botkin real estate development company and property company legal representative of the Department of Jiangsu Nantong (real estate) in Shimou father and son, the evening of July 1 and the two company's legal representative All other heads disappeared. Leijing Li said he was only responsible for the daily maintenance of the property, the other cases is unknown. "Developers disappeared, our wages that are not known to whom beg ah." Leijing Li told reporters.

Just when the reporter interviewed in the district, saw the warm water district contract Manager Yao installation works. He told reporters, in fact, began as early as last September, they have found that a shortage of Botkin real estate development company funds, because in the past month on the 18th can be for projects large and small builders all settled, but last year September, he works more than 20 million monthly paid only received $ 20,000. This year he's engineering team responsible for the district 5,6,7, warm water and electricity installation, Building 8, on June 10 he saw in the case of households has not yet completed his project had already started to decorate the house, feeling Manager Yao was wondering, because his works are not completed, these buildings house keys still in their own hands, is how to enter the housing tenants? later found Botkin real estate development company to replace the locks will be the key to the household. In order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, Manager Yao will do this several buildings housing the cell door blocked with soil. Until June 17, Botkin real estate development company in charge of personnel in consultation with him, to pay him for the works with the excess in the form of two sets of housing, he began to continue construction.

"There Botkin Royal Bay are all in progress because the residential developers" foot "and stop construction." Manager Yao told reporters, Botkin real estate development company owed him more than $ 700,000 for the works, according to his understanding, some buildings 's project funds are owed up to more than 400 million. Currently they are also multi-touch with Botkin real estate development company responsible person, but still can not contact.

Reporters at the entrance of the room inside the cell to see the staff deployed Ganzhou District Construction Bureau, the Housing Authority, Local Taxation Bureau, Land Bureau, the Complaints Bureau, Public Security Bureau and Industrial Park joint office, residential property owners to register the relevant information. Several staff said the site is mainly responsible for off-site, they do not know the specific circumstances. As for what causes developers to abscond, relevant departments are currently investigating and verifying of Ganzhou.

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