Sky City Halts Construction Due to 10,000 Square Meter Puddle

Sky City, aiming to be the world's tallest building at 838 meters when completed, has halted construction due to flooding at the site following heavy rain. The article includes this graphic of skyscrapers currently under construction in China. The number on top is the height in meters, the number inside the building is the cost in ¥100 millions.

There are still other concerns about Sky City, such as costs. The building will cost ¥9 billion and in Shanghai, an ¥8.3 billion building costs hundreds of millions of yuan to operate each year.

世界第一高楼停工:工地变大水坑 积水几十米深
On one million square meters of puddles, unexpected (called "Yuanda Group" below) in lofty Technology Group project on the site of the world's tallest building, if overlook from the sky, like a grown on the outskirts of Changsha a scar.

"It seems to be a joke to the world at." July 6, pointing to a puddle nearby residents, with the pure word of Hunan Die Zeit correspondent said.

According to the plan, great group of sky city height will reach 838 meters, will be leapfrogged Dubai tower, but more importantly, this will cost $ 9 billion world's tallest building, Broad Group only prepared to spend nearly 10 months built.

However, the dream into reality is not final, since last July announced the foundation, the slow progress of the construction of the project, currently the site is only a puddle on a million square meters.

July 8, Grand Technology Group spokesman 朱琳芳 Weekly Times reporter said there are not interviewed, "wrote earlier media reports, just listen to the vicinity of selling watermelons people say no to obtain confirmation and great group." She told reporters.

And last year, challenging the Sky City project land, capital, wind, earthquake and fire technology more and more, it also allows for sustainable building exceptionally great group to attract attention.

"The high-rise building 838 meters high technical requirements, at present, a lack of experience in the Broad Group sustainable building technology, investment 9,000,000,000 yuan does not meet all the demand for capital construction, so the only delay start Yuanda Group, in order to avoid spend more money. "reasons for downtime, the investment adviser researcher Houyu Xuan of road.

Coincidentally, last year's lofty Technology Group contracted with the local government of Yinchuan Arab Friendship Building, known as the second "Sky City", the design height 410 meters, since the signing last year, has yet happened. And even more surprised that the project site read Gulf central business district planning and construction management office confirmed to the Weekly Times reporter, "not heard of this project."

NCKU puddle tall dream

July 6, Die Zeit reporter was removed to find hope in Changsha city sky city west of the project site, where the project is located just one filled with a large puddle of water, a few days ago with the continuous rainfall, the water has been visually more than ten meters deep.

Large puddles four weeks has been fenced around the pole, marked "foundation pit prohibited useful consequences," the warnings. A man named Wang Wu asphalt road to the big puddle at the abrupt end. The project land by farmers planted watermelons.

"This project addresses the sky really is the city's" built in five innings of an on-site personnel to confirm Left Weekly Times reporter.

In the construction of five cities in the sky is the total construction side project, the project is empty, overgrown yard is also, a person staying across the rusty railing smiled and told reporters last July on started about a month after the lockout, and we do not know when to start.

Back in July 18, 2013, in the construction of five Yuanda Group signed with Total ambitious "Sky City" project construction contract, the total package price of construction was 52.5 million contract the next morning, then entering the excavation .

As planned, the six-storey underground construction needs six months or so, but another person is staying told reporters, in fact, started about a month, the project stopped, "If normal construction, this project already completed, apparently ambitious Group defaulted. "the insider said.

It is understood that there are five people on duty at the scene, the most important is the flood season, deep water, worried about students and other holiday swim accidents.

Reporter access to land information, November 2012, Yuanda Group subsidiary Sky City Investments Limited 389,770,000 yuan price won Osawa Lake Street is located a 67,297.94 square meters of commercial and residential land, the volume rate of up to 12.0.

According to public information, Sky City project investment of $ 9 billion in the plan to build 838 meters, a total of 202 ground level underground 6 floors with a total construction area of ​​1.05 million square meters, the adoption of sustainable prefabricated steel building technology, surpassing the Burj Dubai became world's tallest building.

According to publicity Yuanda Group, the sky city is a city of everything: can accommodate 30,000 people, 44,550 households, there are 250 sets of hotel rooms, 45 parks, 100,000 square meters of schools, hospitals, office buildings , 93 elevators, and even You can open car shopping.

July 2013, Grand Technology Group CEO Zhang Yue by private jet to this foundation, because the sky ambitious urban projects using sustainable building ground building modular structures made of material, so the time of the groundbreaking ceremony, the 53-year-old Zhang Yue mouth a raving, "foundation construction six months, four months building the ground."

However, a year later, the foundation stone still lying in the weeds, but the project last year after the foundation lively start, but soon halted.

An industry have speculated that high-rise buildings in general is facing wind, earthquake and fire and other problems, downtime is not the reason most likely to get approval.

In fact, so great group should be more headaches Fire design, according to fire protection regulations, the height of 838 meters tall, how to prevent fires and fire control in the country is still a serious issue.

This alarmed the whole country of the project, not completed on schedule, so that the local villagers too look almost naught.

"When enlisted to all farmland, before rice is almost no money, very much hope that the project can be built up, promote local development, but the project to build or not to build in the end, nobody knows." Near a villager told reporters.

Trillion market for sustainable building

July 8, in the face of Die Zeit reporter asked, do serve as president of Yuanda Group spokesman 朱琳芳 clear to reporters that "this time on the Sky City project is not an interview, those who had not received confirmation of press media with us, just listen to people talking about selling watermelons. "

It is understood that Yuanda Group currently has four main businesses: non-electric air conditioning, air quality, sustainable building and energy use.

Although very little financial data publicly Broad Group, but only according to the information, in 2006, Broad Air Conditioning sales 4.6 billion yuan; non-electric air conditioning field, Hunan market in 2012 sales of 112 million yuan, in 2013, sales reached 200 million yuan, But reporters found that one in Hunan share purchases through the first Broad up to 40 non-electric air conditioning units (sets), procurement amounting to 156 million yuan, accounting for 78%.

In contrast, the Broad Group's sustainable building operations described as fast. The last two years, not only signed Yinchuan Arab Friendship Tower project, also presided over the construction of Sky City project, also entered the real estate field.

Time back to four years ago, Zhang Yue, Broad Group has long been a leader in the construction industry to get involved, when he told reporters on the follow-up of an ecological forum in the north, has been investing in the development of sustainable construction companies, and completed three projects in one year, construction of more than 1000 square meters of sustainable building, the turnover will exceed $ 30 billion, "far more than the main air-conditioning industry."

2009, Yuanda Group established a wholly owned subsidiary ambitious buildable Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "ambitious to build"), and the establishment of factories in Hunan Xiangyin County, invest 2 billion yuan, and strive to form an annual capacity of 10 million square meters of scale .

March 2010, Yuanda Group uses the technology can be built in a day Shanghai World Expo will build six-story great hall, attracted a lot of media attention.

Thereafter, ambitious cooperation can be built to take to join, has layout Shandong Rushan, Yinchuan, Anyang, Henan, Anhui Chuzhou, has more than 10 companies joined the program in 2015 formed the production capacity of 50 million square meters.

Broad use of brand and technology sharing, Broad Group corporate expenses charged to join, according to published reports, joining companies each completed a building on the construction area to count, to extract the standard 100 yuan per square meter for the return of Yuanda Group, which estimated that above 50 million square meters of production capacity, it is only the cost of extracting up to 50 billion yuan.

Last year, Zhang Yue think an interview, "I can build another great creation, is my idea of ​​fun, we made a strategic need a few hundred million to support my biggest wish, if I go to Construction of walking each year one thousand million ten thousand billion in sales, which is a little weird. "

Still, $ 9 billion in the sky city still remain on paper only from the investment point of view, may be overwhelmed Broad Group, is likely to be a drag on the main air-conditioning industry. Publicly available data show that in 2011, Yuanda Group profit amounted to 4 billion yuan, 11.844 billion yuan in 2012, but the city in the sky nearly $ 9 billion yuan.

Sky City Investments Ltd, who told the media revealed that 40% of the city's sky by finance capital, and the rest from bank loans and self-financing.

The industry fears that, even if successfully completed 838 meters tall, will also face the weight of operating costs, the reporter learned that the Shanghai World Financial Center construction investment up to 83 billion yuan, an annual operating cost is several million dollars.

Just last Yuanda Group announced construction projects near Sky City, Beijing Tsinghua City [ News Price apartment Review ] Dean of City Planning and Design Institute on the Yin Chih questioned by the media, "this ambitious construction techniques used without precedent in the international arena, commitment and the cost is relatively low, only two possibilities: either the construction of his technically stunning move, or is a scam. "

Coincidentally, as early as four years ago, Dean of Tsinghua University Architecture Design Institute Zhuang Weimin told the media predicted that the purpose of the building is actually a complex whole, not just for saving the building, or to cover quickly, Broad Group's sustainable Building a dream also need a reality check.

Analysis of the industry, Yuanda Group launched the world's tallest building, possibly because of ambitious promotion can be built too slow, need to be more striking demonstration projects, to win market acceptance, quickly attracting franchisees to join, thus expanding sustainable building business landscape.

Transition worries

Based on 90% of factory-made, five times to save energy, 99% filter PM2.5, 9-degree earthquake brought down buildings without technology, construction technology inventions of the self, the Broad Group air conditioning business by the increasingly tough business shift to sustainable construction and successfully introduced to the market, "Shanghai World Expo Broad Pavilion" and other sustainable building samples.

This one, also based on an important background is currently more than eighty percent of new high-energy buildings, more than 95% of the stock of buildings is a high-energy buildings, building energy consumption and the domestic unit area may reach 2-3 times the developed countries.

According to the 2008 "Annual Report on China Building Energy Saving", China's building energy consumption of urban and rural areas accounted for 25.5 percent of China's total energy commodities, if we consider the process of building energy consumption, energy consumption is related to a higher proportion of the construction industry.

Estimated in accordance with the University of Oxford in 2020, the world's construction output from the current $ 7.5 trillion to $ 12.7 trillion. Even Broad Group can do 10%, it will also be a giant enterprise.

To achieve sustainable buildings occupy 30% of the global market scale, sustainable buildings in the future must contribute to the Yuanda Group revenue 10 billion yuan, now, this is just a dream, great group on sustainable construction business is facing many challenges considerations.

Currently more marked in sustainable building housing industry on the technology, which is the sustainable construction market performance is an important aspect. In fact, Vanke [ Introduction News ] As the world's largest residential development companies, have begun to focus on the application and development of sustainable buildings, the data show that in 2007 began to start the housing industry, industrial construction area increased by 16 times in the four years since . At the end of 2011, Vanke industrial new construction area has reached 2.72 million square meters, is a 2010 industrial construction area of 2.55 times.

Data show that the housing industry brought directly reduce water, timber, coal and other resource consumption, energy consumption is only one on the lower 20-30% than traditional construction methods.

Housing industry is just one important aspect of sustainable building, sustainable building, is currently China's relevant policies for many reasons, such as restricting the majority of the industry chain enterprises to participate in the housing industry enthusiasm.

Not only that, as early as in 2012, MassMutual [ Introduction News ] Group Chairman Feng Lun can be built when talking about ambitious, it is considered "technically can be done, but in the economic and social management that conditions are not ripe now." .

Houyu Xuan analysis, the current lack of Yuanda Group experience in sustainable building technology, research and development needs to invest a lot of money, sustainable building is something new, its architectural design put forward higher requirements, not only to achieve the requirements of the building itself, but also integration in the design of the latest "green" equipment, instruments to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, which is the lack of experience of cross-border group is too ambitious.

In addition to the open market, technology, marketing , operational and other risks of cross-border lies, lack of management talent Yuanda Group, Zhang Yue had said foreign companies need a group of senior professional managers.

In addition, funding is also a weight, according to the Office of the former president of Broad Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Liu Yajun, director of data disclosure, ambitious long-term revenue in 1996-2006 remained at 1 to 2 billion yuan, 300 million yuan in cash reserves to 600 million per year million. In 2011, the ambitious vice president, Hu Canming said ambitious revenue in 2010 was over 40 billion yuan. Early 2013, Zhang Yue in an interview said, "2012 revenues of approximately 60 ambitious billion, of which more than 20 billion yuan of non-electric air conditioning."

Previously, claimed not to have to put down Broad Group listed pose, according to earlier media reports, the scale of building sustainable business lofty Technology Group designs, plans in 2015 to form 50 million square meters of production capacity will be achieved by 2020 to build 700 million square feet in meter capacity. To this end, Broad Technology Group in 2010 need to raise 13 billion yuan of funds, including the start-up capital 3,000,000,000 yuan, 10 billion yuan to support the franchisee's credit funds.

Zhang Yue read resume can be found, "leap" has been his life label, either from his art teacher to the invention without pressure boiler, gas turbine invention straight (non-electric air conditioning), CCHP system, each step seemed to be cross-border, and each time has been questioned subversive, seemingly no tricks Technology Group in the development of ambitious, but far-reaching, like "Sky City" of the sample, the target of criticism perhaps will continue to spread .

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