How Quickly the Sentiment Changes on Buying Restrictions; Beijing WIll Not Expand Affordable Housing

Only last month, the central government was pointing out that no city had publicly cancelled its buying restriction policies. Today, more than half of cities with restrictions have eased. It has now reached the point where the Beijing mayor had to come out and publicly state that Beijing will not ease buying restrictions due to still elevated prices.

Also, the Beijing Municipal People's Congress has passed a draft resolution saying the city will not build more affordable housing once the current wait list of 100,000 is exhausted. Instead, Beijing will focus on renovating shanty towns, with a goal to renovate homes for 150,000 families by 2017. One complaint with the affordable housing is that it is located too far from the city center, in areas with far less public transportation and infrastructure, which is one reason why many buyers are refusing affordable housing. The city also wants to avoid the creation of slums. New rules may "guide" developers to build cheaper housing at the same time they put up more expensive developments.

北京市长:房价还在挤泡沫 不会轻易放松限购
The face of the first half of the city's commercial housing turnover declining trend, Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun , said recently: To calm observation, we can not intervene, not easily introduce new real estate policy, and even take measures to relax the restriction and so on. Otherwise, it will weaken the power of structural adjustment, the impact of urban sustainable development.

Beijing recently held the first half of the economic situation analysis will be revealed in the first half of this year, the Beijing New housing contract to reduce the amount of 44.5% year on year price increase for eight consecutive months of decline; hand housing contract volume decrease of 52.6%, the price of the ring than three consecutive months decline.

Wang Anshun analysts say prices "flat to down" is the basic objective pursued over the years the real estate regulation, or behind the market play a decisive role in helping out in previous years, the accumulation of foam, and promote long-term healthy development of the industry. In the second half, Beijing should continue to focus on the trend of late, to ensure policy continuity, stability, deepen structural adjustment of real estate, and innovation to strengthen market supervision, give full play to the real estate in steady growth, improve people important role.

And electrical Beijing Municipal People's Congress recently filed for "Beijing urban basic housing security regulations (draft)" for consideration. Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Director Yang explained at the time of Ordinances clear that existing affordable housing, commodity housing and other affordable housing for the record has been closed, in addressing the existing approximately 100,000 families waiting for housing After the difficult issues, Beijing will no longer build affordable housing and housing prices.

北京保障房新规将出台 或实施封闭式管理

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