Beijing Real Estate Tightens Again

In order to close loopholes, the Beijing government is further restricting existing home sales transactions.
Second, the real estate development enterprises in the sale of housing, real estate brokerage institutions in the provision of second - hand housing transactions brokerage services, the parties should be asked to buy housing transactions in the form of bank transfer to pay, and must use the seller and the buyer 's bank account, Sale funds, stock exchange transaction funds to monitor the special account for funds to pay ; if a refund occurs, should be the original payment method, the funds returned to the seller and the buyer's bank account.

...Third, the real estate development enterprises, real estate brokerage agencies in the sale of housing, providing brokerage services, have to bear the obligation to identify suspicious transactions and responsibilities. The suspicious transaction shall be reported to the administrative department of anti - money laundering or the public security organ.
iFeng: 北京住建委:二手房购房款应以银行转账方式支付

Real estate agent fees on existing home sales are also falling in Beijing as the market cools and competition for business picks up:
Since the "3.17" since the New Deal, Beijing second - hand housing market transactions quickly frozen, intermediary fees began to loose. Recently, the public Ms. Lee told the Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter, she was prepared to love my house to buy the house, the agency fee only 1%, the reason is that I love my family and chain customers compete for customers, given a surprisingly low commission. The industry believes that 2.7% of the current market default interface fee standards, but with rising house prices, this standard is not suitable for the current status of the industry. Therefore, the intermediary fee should be adjusted on the voice has been continuous, which intermediary fees a price of the highest voice, but in accordance with the total price of housing sub-file charges are relatively reasonable.
iFeng: 北京二手房中介费松动 由默认2.7%跳水至1%

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