Minsheng Fake WMP Invested in Real Estate, Jewelry, Relics

The Minsheng fake WMP won't exceed the 3 billion yuan headline figure and Minsheng currently says the amount is 1.65 billion yuan.
iFeng: 民生银行:假理财涉案16.5亿 部分资金投向房产文物
In today's Minsheng Bank 2017 first quarter investor exchange meeting, Minsheng Bank Vice President Shi Jie introduced the bank Beijing Bay Bridge branch case related situation. According to its disclosure, as of now, by the Minsheng Bank Working Group by the client with the registration and verification, involving the amount of about 1.65 billion yuan , the initial estimate of the amount involved will not exceed the number reported by the media , involving about 150 customers, in addition to Zhang Ying, Another individual branch staff is receiving a public security investigation. Prior to the media coverage of the amount involved to 3 billion.

According to the Minsheng Bank disclosure, according to the current preliminary grasp of the clues, the case of Zhang Ying by controlling other accounts as a capital account, fabricated false investment and financial products and financial transfer products, their own or instruct the individual employees to find the target customers, illegal recruitment Customer funds for personal control, part of the investment for real estate, cultural relics, jewelry and other fields, the funds raised did not enter the Minsheng Bank account system.

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