81pc of Americans Want Immigration Reduced

WashTimes: Shock poll: Americans want massive cuts to legal immigration
Americans strongly back giving illegal immigrant “Dreamers” a pathway to citizenship — but a new poll found they also strongly back the other changes President Trump is pushing to build a border wall system, eliminate the visa lottery and curtail the chain of family migration.

The Harvard-Harris Poll, taken in the run-up to the government shutdown, even found huge support for cutting the level of legal immigration, which stands at more than 1 million a year, to less than half that.
Not a shock if you ever came across in-depth polling on the topic. What has happened in the past 2 years is the media and government's hold on the narrative was broken. Many who don't want to see probably still don't understand how Trump won, but looking at the data, it's surprising it was that close. As social mood declines, immigration will move even further in favor of nationalists.

The poll is here: Monthly Harvard-Harris Poll: January 2018 Re-Field

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