China Economic Indicator: Maotai Prices Soaring

Caijing: 茅台酒价格暴涨:市场上一瓶难求 或有公款消费影子
January 8, Guizhou Maotai issued a notice on the Moutai price adjustment to require all levels of Moutai subsidiaries, Maotai Group subsidiaries at all levels must be sold in accordance with the price of 1499 yuan / bottle 53 degrees 500ml Maotai liquor, and recommendations Discretionary reference to the seller, not stocking cover, not tied tying.

This is not the first time Maotai limit, the Internet can even find "Maotai limit order" entry. As early as the end of 2010, Maotai announced the price adjustment, had requested dealers selling ordinary Maotai price of not more than 959 yuan per bottle. The passage of time, Maotai limit "threshold" has soared. The last time was in April last year, when Guizhou Moutai Co., Ltd. ordered dealers across the country, 53 degrees 500ml Flying Maotai prices can not exceed 1299 yuan / bottle.

Chinese Commercial Daily reporter learned that, starting from the Spring Festival last year, high-end liquor has re-displayed gains. Maotai put the official retail price of 1299 yuan per bottle, but the market has emerged out of stock situation. Now, Maotai terminal retail price adjusted to 1499 yuan, although the price has increased, but to successfully buy is still not an easy task.
Maotai price gains have beaten the hottest real estate markets in China:
Some organizations statistics over the years Maotai price changes. Thirty years ago, the retail price was then checked by the state at 140 yuan / bottle. Twenty years ago, the retail price of Maotai 53 degrees at 200 yuan / bottle or so. After 2000, the ex-factory price increased at the same time, the market price also began to accelerate the climb, from 300,400,500 in 2011 up to a maximum of 2,000 yuan.

Since 2012, the liquor market has declined, while the retail price of Maotai once fell below 1,000 yuan. Then the market warming, Maotai prices back in the past two years to rise channel. Before last year's Mid-Autumn Festival, many consumers reflected that it was necessary to buy Maotai at a price of over 1,500 yuan and the maximum was 1,800 yuan. Even if all Moutai are sold at the latest price of $ 1,499, the price has risen by more than 70% from the trough two years ago.

Real estate prices often attract attention. According to the recently announced index of new commercial housing prices in the 70th City of December last year, the National Bureau of Statistics of China reported 51.8% of the increase in Xiamen compared with the same period of 2015, up 34.9%, 45.8% and 37.8% respectively over the same period of the previous year 45.7%. Xi'an prices, the last two years rose 21.3%. It can be said that in the past two years, the price increase of Maotai has "outperformed" the prices of major cities in China.

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