Regulators Worry RE Leverage Flowing into Stocks

Sign of the times: regulators aren't worried about real estate leverage flowing into housing, they're worried about it flowing into stocks.

Caijing: 银监会:抑制居民杠杆率 严控个贷违规流入股市房市
Proposed 2018 National Banking Regulatory China Banking Regulatory Commission recently held a work meeting, China's banking sector overall risk control, but the situation is still severe and complicated, faces a number of major challenges. Held at the end of 2017 Central Economic Work Conference, to "promote the financial and real estate virtuous circle", as an important part of prevention and control of financial risks. Specifically, the CBRC will in two ways: First, efforts to suppress the residents of leverage, leverage residents focused on control of excessive growth, the fight against misappropriation of consumer loans, overdrafts and credit cards illegal behavior and strictly control illegal personal loans into the stock market and the housing market ; second is to curb real estate bubble, and severely punish violations of various types of real estate financing behavior.

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