200 Homeowners Protest Price Cuts in Zhejiang

The protesting homeowners need to get more creative with the use of inflatable dolls.

Similar story to elsewhere, although a twist in this case is the homeowners claim the develop said prices would never be cut last year.

浙江楼盘打折销售 200名业主拉白色横幅抗议
On the 30th, in Zhejiang金华滨river · Gold Blue Court in front of the sales office, nearly 200 owners gather, pull the white banner of protest discount real estate for sale, still hanging above the door of the four life-size inflatable doll, the estate is a mess hall . It is reported that since Jinhua cancel the purchase order since the local major real estate in order to attract customers, have sold at a discount, successive owners sparked protests tide.

Nearly 200 owners pull the banner of protest

Jinhua Bin Jiang · Gold Blue Court, located in Jinhua City Development Zone Lake seawall blocks, and Jinhua city government focused on recreational planning base for Lake Ecological Park seawall adjacent to the original, with a total construction area of ​​about 230,000 square meters.

It is the Riverside Group stationed in the Zhejiang region's first real estate. Since November 26, 2012 the first phase of opening, has consistently ranked in the forefront of Jinhua City residential sales charts.

But on the 30th, the real estate owners who broke the microblogging pull the banner of collective protest in front of the sales office, the scene chaotic. Because Riverside · golden blue quite well known in the local court, after the microblogging issued, immediately aroused hot friends.

3 o'clock in the afternoon, WASHINGTON reporter came to the sales offices and found the front door hung two long black and white banner, hanging above the entrance to the four life-size inflatable doll. Owners gathered in the sales office lobby, sand table model has been smashed, garbage scattered on the ground floor.

And in the hall, a dozen security personnel then waited at the side, to maintain order.

Reporters in front of a piece of paper affixed to see: "Riverside is not a sale contrary to previous commitments made on Riverside Golden Blue Chamber adopted a so-called black-box real estate operating behavior of Weifang Promotions is now real estate has not been delivered. , they are actually caused the loss of 100,000 yuan per household over the interests ...... "

As one of the protest against the owners, after 80 white lady told reporters that he was in December 2012 to buy a house. "It was about 9700 yuan one square meters, a total of 89 square feet, more than 80 million." Miss Bai said, she picked a house on the fifth floor, is a mortgage to buy, hit 9.8%, while 9.5% full payment is playing . "In the future when the developer promised never estate prices, to then have to hurry to start."

Ms. White said, had her house should be submitted at the end of this year, just to catch up with the kids to school, but to make her unhappy, this year in August, she was also a friend of the real estate to buy a house, the same 89 square m, but enjoy 8.8 discount, and some houses even hit 8.5 fold.

"8.5 fold and 9.5 fold difference discount, 900,000 yuan to get a house, we lost nearly 100,000 yuan." And white, like the case of Ms. Wang told reporters that he bought in March this year, the real estate a set of 89 square meters of the house, one square meter 10,400 yuan, also hit 9.8 fold.

"It was that big building sales staff said only two of the house, but now we have found that these properties in fact, there are nearly 200 sets of availability, but mostly good family." So, Mr. Wang believes that the development of Manufacturers are the difference between the size of a house to sell them to a good family house stay to the end, but still had a high price.

It is understood, to protest against the owners of most of the 80, is just customers, but also room to buy a small apartment with 89 square meters of the main. For them, the short span of a year or two on the "loss" of 10 million, is a difficult thing to accept. In addition, he publicly declared that "no price" of real estate, but shot a lower discount, has become the focus of developers owners vocal opposition.

Developers responded: Weifang handle normal discount

30 evening, the reporter a telephone interview on the matter Ji Qiao Jiang, general manager of 金华滨 · golden blue tribunal.

Ji Qiao told reporters, as "the respect of each building vacant housing reduced to a minimum ", the current real estate does have some Weifang in discounts, but only for real estate has been sold in the remaining sets of Weifang, that only 20 several houses.

He said that now the golden Blue Court in Riverside · A total of more than 200 left in a house, but one of the best five building lots in the district where there are more than 100 suites, and seven of the main building there are some units, plus part of the townhouses. "Until now these houses do not have a played off."

He said that as a real estate company in Weifang processing stage, engage in some concessions so normal. However, "As the owners say the difference between the original out of the room, now out of the room is good, this is nonsense, no such statement."

In addition, the company promised before the "no price," one said, Ji clever response:. "In order to ensure the quality of real estate and property market is stable, we do this in the media, said publicly, then, to ensure that the price is not the price, but there is a clear concept of So far we have not cut prices, not played ad, nor made any public propaganda that real estate in discount sales, so the concept of Weifang's treatment is not the existence of the price. "

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