Hangzhou Prices Still Falling; Some New Homes Down Nearly 50%

One property was selling for ¥17,000 in January, now it is selling for under ¥12,000.

From iFeng:杭州部分楼盘单价直降5000元 恐将续跌至年底

Started this year, the national property market "price first shot" of Hangzhou City, volume began to rebound. Has a large inventory of Xiaoshan District, in August began to reverse. However, the rally did not transfer to the amount of the price level, the average transaction price is still showing a downward trend in the chain.

After the "Securities Daily" reporters visited the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, multiple new residential project noted that, despite an increase in showings, volume began to rise, but compared with the market price during the high point, a number of projects falling prices by more than 30%, or even monthly average turnover straight down 5,000 yuan / square meter of the phenomenon.

Many project sales staff told reporters that the possibility of Xiaoshan District, the majority of projects "dropping lower and lower," the reduced or stopped before the end of the year prices fell.

Part of the project price down 5000 yuan

September 13 afternoon, Hangzhou showers, "Securities Daily" reporters came near the southern Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Yucai Road and Chen-hui road, surrounded by a high-rise. Rough estimate, around 20 minutes walk away reporters, at least five new residential projects, single buildings are up to 20 layers or more.

In addition, a number of projects are the construction area massing more than 200,000 square meters of large residential communities, develop body mass of about 2000, but the surrounding hard to find a supermarket, harder to see the residents. In addition to buildings and vehicular traffic will be left in a giant billboard Weidang real estate sales information.

It is worth mentioning that, in the reporter walked most of the city the main city in the new city subsidiary, outdoor advertising and more to real estate based. But in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District, whether the heart or the surrounding area, the majority of outdoor advertising are real estate information, and even some items to outdoor advertising legislation to the downtown area of Hangzhou. Reporter casual phone call a salesperson, and that is warm and thoughtful introduction of various real estate.

"We have to get to the project in 2011, opened in October 2012, currently only the remaining 60 sets of 168 square meters large family homes, the average price of 13,000 yuan / square meter." Hangzhou locally known housing prices Lvdu's green all Four Seasons Terrace [ latest news Price Unit Reviews ] project sales staff told reporters, after the project average selling price is 17,000 yuan / square meter, the price straight down more than 4000 yuan / square meter.

Reporters learned that the construction of these projects have all been completed facade, next year in June to stay, now in liquidation phase, the project had even launched 9800 yuan / square meter of the special room, now hanging on the facade still "a drop in the end 9800 yuan / square meter, "the giant red banners.

You can see from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan District transparent houses online, Green City Four Seasons Terrace currently average transaction price of 12,000 yuan / square meter, as of September 12, the project monthly average transaction price from 17,020 yuan in January 2014 in fall / sq m to September 2014 of 11,558 yuan / square meter, almost all the way down, down 5,000 yuan / square meter only stop the decline, the continued decline in the future is still unknown.

In addition, the project across the street, and the same blank Windsor real estate projects, prices fluctuate more apparent. March 2014 to May more stable, monthly average turnover remained at around 30,000 yuan / square meter, in June the plunge to near 24,000 yuan / square meter, while the current average turnover of less than 20,000 yuan / square m.

However, compared with the Windsor house prices decline, Shun Fat · Constant Park [ latest news Price Unit Reviews ] such as the current average price of 17,000 yuan / square meter average transaction price fell more projects have been more than 38%, even partial listing prices of individual items fell as much as 46%.

Large housing prices opened lower amount of walking

Reporters in the survey found, Hangzhou local housing prices due to corporate layout constraints, the price may be more eager to return the funds, but compared to the last two years stationed in Hangzhou, a large housing prices and sales means more flexible, but also good at grasping the push plate paced, clever to avoid the trouble price to the enterprise, most projects low opening, slowly raise prices to attract customers.

With these projects neighboring Hang Great King [ latest news Price Unit Reviews ] project, "the average selling price is 17,000 yuan / square meter, refined decoration standard is 3500 yuan / square meter." Hengda [ Introduction News ] Regal sales Sales Center, told reporters, "We opened in July, the opening price is 16,000 yuan / square meter, the price of the underlying phenomenon does not exist, and have actually risen."

The sales staff to reporters calculations, constant Great King 88 m2 apartment 15 floors housing the record price is 19,862 yuan / square meters, a total of about 1.77 million yuan, now playing% off the total price of approximately 1.55 million dollars, the average price of less than 16,000 yuan / square meter.

In view of this, the reporter on the scene saw a lot of showings. According to the above-mentioned sales staff said, "since the project opened higher volume, Building 8 is almost sold out, sell very well, the next possible efforts to reduce the discount."

In fact, the reporter was informed that local housing prices in Hangzhou Xiaoshan District development projects are more well-known housing prices in recent years, the field has also been stationed. In this regard, insiders said that the property market in Hangzhou stationed overseas the past two years by the impact of large well-known housing prices, these large housing prices relatively strong financial strength, able Go On price, but also flexible marketing tool. Under the background of sluggish market, large housing prices anti-risk ability, while small and medium housing prices will lead under pressure, so adjust prices greater magnitude.

Low amount of walking speed up housing prices bottoming

It is worth noting that, despite the decline in housing prices in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou has not been stopped, but sales rebound obvious. According to Transparency Market Research Institute houses the latest statistics, this year in August, Xiaoshan District real estate transaction 1547 units, representing an increase of 22.88 percent in July. In terms of average transaction price, Xiaoshan District, the average price of 13,370 yuan contract / m in July, compared with 13,073 yuan / square meter, down 2%.

"The most difficult period has passed the real estate market, real estate market in August Hangzhou volume significantly warmer." Trans Union Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Founding President Niemeisheng interview with reporters, said the market bottoming signs, climb the very possibility large, but the likelihood of a substantial rise before the end of the year is almost none.

However, in Hangzhou, the day the amount of inventory is still difficult to digest. Open Soufangwang map to find room in Hangzhou new disc can be found in the sale of the project and the new disc for sale can be found in the Xiaoshan district is 129, Riverside area 120, and Hangzhou eight districts in the sale and real estate for sale in more than 550.

According to statistics, in August 2014, Hangzhou approved the sale of new housing a total of 12,313 new units, compared with 9,712 units in July 2014 increased by 2,601 units, an increase of 26.78%. The main city in August 2306 new supply of new residential units, or up to eighty percent.

In this context, developers still accelerating the push plate. According to statistics, in August, Hangzhou opened a total of 41 projects, compared to the doubling in July. According to housing net display, September Hangzhou push about 50 disks, the market focus will usher in the opening period.

In this regard, market transparency houses Institute Senior Fellow LIANG Li-yan said the actual market launch of the project, including some luxury multi presented "price change" trend, prices actually fall. Under the pressure of high inventory, the market is still a buyer's market, developers "price change" may well present the most appropriate way, affected by the theme of Hangzhou property market over the next few months or a low amount of walking, which will speed up market prices bottoming.

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