Chinese Construction Quality in Question

Headline: Shabby construction, many buildings won't last 30 years.


In recent years, construction quality problems around the endless personal and property safety of the people to bring a huge threat. Reporters combed found that due to the past system is not perfect, low-cost illegal, inadequate supervision and other reasons, construction quality "rubbish" family "flourishing population," "House back down," "House crunchy" "House YY" and other phenomena are frequent.

- "House back down."

In April 4th morning, Fenghua Jinping residential street Ju Jing, Zhejiang Province, the first 29 residential buildings collapsed. 7 people were buried under the rubble, including a man died. From built to collapse, just 20 years. Residents reflect on the day before the building collapsed, dilapidated detected after testing organization said "the house to dwell in the past few years, no problem."

June 27, 2009 around 5:30 in the morning, Lianhua Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, Luo Yang intersection west of the "Lotus Riverside" in the district, 13-story residential building in a building under construction collapsed, killing one construction workers died. Not yet built a house, it has collapsed.

- "House crunchy"

April 2014, Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District Mutual Road and flowers Road intersection southwest corner, there is a resident house actually became a "martial arts master": when touched, in the brick wall on the "crisp", and gently a breaking, broken bricks on their feet a kick, became a slag. Inspection reports of Henan Academy of Building Research confirms that not residents "martial arts" is too high, but the poor quality of construction: the building floor to five gangue sintered porous brick wall used in large area burst, wall tiles burst depth, part brick has lost strength, there is a serious safety hazard. So "rubbish" project, developers, the construction side, supervision units pass the buck to the brick. Zhengzhou Great Wall of real estate developers, general manager, said: The main problem is the quality of the brick house.

December 9, 2011, Hankou District, Wuhan City, the largest affordable housing projects Purple Run Ming Garden broke many ground subsidence, wall cracks, leaks and other building issues. Such a "House crunchy" problem project, not only passed inspection multiple layers of quality control department, fire, special equipment testing, environmental, planning, etc., also won the local government construction projects awarded medals, the head of the security room construction site model name first.

- "House YY"

Compared to "House back down," "House crunchy", "House YY" phenomenon is more widespread.

August 2014, Yingze District, Sky Tower, Building 1 home district residents began to move a lot, a lot of people find indoor wall appear multiple fractures, the whole building was tilted backward, fear crooked floor collapse hit, Residents across the residential buildings have also moved away from the residence. Taiyuan relevant departments to identify, this building belongs to dangerous buildings.

August 2013, the village house village groups Kunming Xishan District lujia community about 30 buildings in varying degrees of tilt, tilt maximum at about 20 degrees, the concrete floor is also different degrees of cracking.

August 2013, Chengdu Pi waterfront Cannes two, submitted less than six months, it appeared the House of tilt became a "floor YY", where a unit was also found beams cracking. The local government response, crooked landlord if the building due to continuous rains lead to foundation settlement ......

President of the South China Institute of City Planning, Jinan University School of Management Professor Hu Gang, compared to other developed countries, the British virtues of hundreds of years of building the average life expectancy, built in China after the reform and opening up a lot of "80" "90" buildings have problems, thought-provoking.

In recent years, many cities set off a construction boom, and some places in order to GDP, the demolition of the building, built in the demolition, too fast at the expense of pursuing big project quality, and now all over the frequency is the "tofu" construction, both for the quality of the original neglect retaliation reflect, it is a warning to future generations ruins monument.

Some netizens suggested that construction quality and accountability mechanisms of the State Council to establish lifelong traceability is very important, only strengthen the sense of responsibility, a responsibility to let people have a problem, "Zhaimao child", "penalty tickets" and even "squatting chant" punishment intensity and legal deterrence in order to avoid the "House back down," "House crunchy" and "House YY" re frequent trouble.

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