Bad Loans Rise in 1H

Still not a major issue, but remember there are Tricks For Hiding NPLs. As long as the economy doesn't weaken substantially, banks will extend and pretend and try internal workouts before finally giving in and recording a bad loan.

China State Banks Report Surge in Soured Loans
The five lenders also reported a total of 423.49 billion yuan of nonperforming loans outstanding at the end of June, up 21% from a year earlier. They also reported a slowdown in profit growth.

Overall bad loans increased ¥77 billion.

上半年不良贷款增771亿元 58亿资金暂别银行股
Statistics from China Merchants Securities shows that six listed banks non-performing loans at the end of June were 558.2 billion yuan, 77.1 billion yuan higher than the beginning of the year.

......In the first half listed banks wrote off bad loans worth 65.6 billion yuan, which is about double the figure from last year.

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