More Than 400 Companies Shut in Dongguan Last Year, But No Bankruptcy Wave

"The market economy has companies that live and dies, that go and stay, this is very normal. What worries me most is the business backwater, companies neither dead nor alive, this type of city will certainly have a major event. Company closures exist in Dongguan, and we believe that will always exist, but the closures are not a bankruptcy wave."

Yuan Baocheng introduced, he learned that the data is bankrupt last year, 428 enterprises in Dongguan, may also have some companies did after the collapse of the industrial and commercial registration. Last year, Dongguan newly registered enterprises increased by 20% in the first half of this year increased by 23.5%.

iFeng: 去年400多家东莞企业倒闭 但未现倒闭潮

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