More Governments Cancel 9070 Policy

The 9070 policy was implemented by the central government in 2006. It says 70% or more of real estate developments must be made up of 90 sqm or smaller apartments. Nanjing was even tougher with a 9050 policy.

July 29, Nanjing Land Bureau hang out seven plots, three plots of residential properties with the cancellation of the "9050" dwelling size limit.

Nanjing is not the first country to cancel housing supply of copy hard targets city.

By the 21st Century Business Herald reporter to incomplete statistics, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Henan, Fujian and other provinces and cities over 10 explicitly canceled the housing supply dwelling specification limits.

Honorary Vice President of the HS Zhu, one opinion, "9070" is no hard and fast rules to optimize the real estate market, to market the units, one of the measures decided buyers, also in line with current trends.

It should be noted that the market has begun to show different dwelling area of ​​housing options to Shanghai, for example, according to the China Index Research Institute, 2014, 90-120 square meters Unit volume accounted for 33%, replace 70-90 square meter apartment Transacted, becoming the largest proportion of units traded.
This shift was expected earlier this year, see China Begins Round 3 of Housing Rescue, Market Deregulation

iFeng: 楼市调控再去行政化:多地解禁“9070政策”

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