Social Mood in Brazil

Global Post:Rash of lynchings shocks Brazil
A rash of lynchings of suspected criminals has shocked even violence-hardened Brazilians, baring dark undercurrents in the land of sun and samba.

Hate crimes shake Brazil’s religious melting pot
Every year, millions of Brazilians attend Christmas mass then dress in white on New Year’s Eve and make offerings to Yemanja, the goddess of the sea in Candomble.
Many of them also believe in mediums, spirits and reincarnation.

But the Evangelical Churches strongly reject African-influenced traditions.

The effect is especially visible in poor communities, where Evangelicals have made especially large inroads.

Many of the drug traffickers who rule over Brazil’s favelas, or slums, have converted to Evangelicalism – thanks partly to the pastors who preach in the country’s overpopulated prisons – and have now banned Candomble places of worship on their turf, according to Dos Santos.

That is changing the soul of cities like Rio de Janeiro, said Helio Santos, head of the Institute for Diversity.

“This group of neo-Pentecostalists have changed the modern culture of the city. The joy of carnival and samba has become a sin,” he said.

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