Celebrate Baijiu Day 8月8日

I am making my selections for World Baijiu Day. The best baijiu I ever had was a Luzhou Laojiao, around ¥500 yuan for a bottle at Carrefour (浓香型). It was a gift for an American friend, so I picked a little lower alcohol content. Very smooth, clear hints of peach flavor and none of that aftertaste right after drinking, let alone 24 hours later. I probably never drank a low alcohol content in China before, or if I did, it was something cheap.

I'm looking to go high low. Below are some higher end ones I'm considering, with a lower end Luzhou Laojiao in there. Also Shui Jing Fang Wellbay. I don't know a good low end Baijiu. 海之蓝 is a good safe bet for lower end (but still over ¥100), but I've had it before and didn't care much for it. Of course the ultimate low end is the 5L jug for 20 kuai at the supermarket, but my hunch is that is more suitable for stopping a tank column than drinking. A foreign teacher once bought one of those 5L jugs thinking it was water, because who sells hard alcohol in 5L plastic jugs? He woke up dying of thirst in the middle of the night, opened the bottle and started chugging.

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