China Rushes More Funds to Market

China's PPT was rushing to deploy 120 billion yuan of capital before 9 AM, and WMP funds directed into the stock market is believed to be 200 billion yuan.

200 billion financial products will become the maintenance of stability force

From today's news perspective, the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Securities Industry Association yesterday also issued a "OTC securities business record management", the formal implementation since September 1, 2015. The original "private securities company product record management" abolished from the date of implementation of this approach.

According to the previous arrangement Securities Association, the Securities Industry Association in August began to accept securities from outside the company access to information systems evaluation and certification applications. "OTC securities business record management" means that external access to information systems evaluation and certification are under way.

According to a number of brokerage mechanism is expected, since early June, waiting for an external system the size of the record of financial products reached about 200 billion, an evaluation and certification and approved by the market, the market will become another force.
I would not be a buyer of a PPT WMP.

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