5 Signs Housing Market Turning

1. Mortgages broke 1 trillion yuan for the first time in 1H

As of the end of June this year, the balance of mortgage loans 12.64 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.8 percent growth rate 0.2 percentage points higher than at the end of the previous quarter, 4.4 percentage points more than the growth rate of all loans.

2. Shenzhen banks have nearly exhausted their lending quotas
According to Southern Metropolis Daily reported July 23 two mortgage business from Shenzhen, a large amount of state-owned banks was informed, at present due to the amount of tension, the two branches off for mortgage lending stagnated. Shenzhen, a state-owned bank Credit grassroots client manager, told reporters on the South are, because the amount of stress, whether it is at present the bank handedly building or used floor not committed lending period.

In addition, a larger market share in the mortgage amount of state-owned banks, in succession after the first home loan down payment% to 40% interest rate adjustments. Currently the Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank and other state-owned banks, the first suite of loan interest rate has been floating 5-10%. But despite the increase in the down payment and interest rates, still unable to meet market demand and supply, some state-owned banks in the current loan business loans no credit status.

3. Housing data is improving, inventory is falling
In addition, according to Bureau of Statistics data show that housing sales area grew by 4.5%, commercial business premises selling area increased by 3.5%. Commercial sales of 3.4259 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.0%, the growth rate increased 6.9 percentage points. Among them, the residential sales increased 12.9%. This is by far the first positive growth since January 2014.

4. Capital is flowing out of equities and into property
"Overall, the flow of money out of the stock market the housing market has begun to show signs of, or will become another driving force to boost the development of the housing market. "

5. Land supply is down, will prices rise?
In fact, in the correlation between the land market and the property market, we can not explain who is responsible for the result, they mutually interact with each other to advance prices.

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