France Imitates Art: Socialists and Centrists Unite to Defeat National Front

In Michael Houellebecq's novel Submission, the socialists ally with the Muslim Brotherhood party to defeat Le Pen and the National Front. It's quite funny, but I'm only about one-third into it, so no review yet. Thus far the Muslim Brotherhood has won the Socialist party over with the demand that it only wants control over education, which will now become Islamic. Non-Islamic education can continue in private schools.

Now life is imitating art as the National Front is defeated at the polls: French far-right fails to win a single region in elections
France's far-right National Front (FN) failed to win a single region in elections Sunday despite record results in the first round, as voters flocked to traditional parties to keep them out of power, according to early estimates.
Now France joins other European nations such as Sweden, where the establishment has fully united against the far right. In Houellebecq's novel, France is eventually destroyed and goes well beyond the hard-right thanks to becoming Islamic.

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