Politburo 10 Points for Economy in 2016

1, to further implement the innovation-driven strategy, promoting public business, Peoples innovation, enhance the momentum and vitality.

2, to actively and steadily promote survival of the fittest, through mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy and liquidation, to achieve market clearing.

3, to help businesses reduce costs, including reducing the institutional transaction costs, corporate tax burden, social insurance, financial costs, electricity prices, logistics costs, etc., play a "combination punches."

4, to resolve the real estate inventory by accelerating movement of peasants to cities, promoting the reform to meet the new public housing system as a starting point, to expand effective demand, stabilize the real estate market.

5, to expand the effective supply and maintain effective investment, focus on repairing weak spots.

6, to guard against and defuse financial risks, firmly hold the bottom line is not systemic and regional financial risks.

7, to deepen reform and opening up, continue to deepen decentralization, optimization services, state-owned enterprises to increase the key areas, taxation, finance, social security and key links reform, the introduction of a number of major reforms of traction.

8, to effectively protect people's basic livelihood, maintaining social harmony and stability.

9, should be placed on "one road one belt" construction, promote international cooperation capacity, grasp major landmark projects landing.

10, to improve the domestic investment environment and protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign-funded enterprises, the protection of intellectual property rights.
iFeng: 中央政治局会议明确2016年经济工作十大任务

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