China's 5 Housing Rescue Policies for 2016; Reduce Down Payment to 10%

The headline of the article says "Cut Prices!" but it deals with 5 government rescue policies for the housing market. Each policy is rated by effectiveness.

5. government purchases of real estate used for affordable housing

Effect: ★★★ Timing: anytime
4. cities implement land supply restrictions

Effect: ★★★☆ Timing: anytime

3. A discount price system for rural residents moving to city

Effect: ★★★★ Timing: anytime, on demand as people arrive

2. mortgage interest tax deduction

Effect: ★★★★★ Timing: second half at the earliest

1. First home down payment lowered to 10%

Effect: ★★★★★☆ Timing: anytime

iFeng: 降价!2016年最有可能出台的房地产五大救市政策

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