Good Work Merkel

Angela Merkel has done the unthinkable: united left and right in their hatred for the German establishment.

Der Speigel: Fear, Anger and Hatred: The Rise of Germany's New Right
These street-extremists are still around, but they have received reinforcements. The New Right comes out of the bourgeois center of society and includes intellectuals with conservative values, devout Christians and those angry at the political class. The new movement also attracts people that might otherwise be described as leftist: Putin admirers, for example, anti-globalization activists and radical pacifists. Movements are growing together that have never before been part of the same camp. Together, they have formed a vocal protest movement that has radicalized the climate in the country by way of public demonstrations and a digital offensive on the Internet.
Notice the eastern part of the country, the former communist part, has the most incidents. Eastern Europe is much more nationalist than the West, and it is affecting Germany politics due to unification.

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