23.1pc of Depositors Plan to Buy Home in Next 3 Months, New High

The PBoC Q@ surveys are out. Depositor sentiment declined slightly from Q1. The number the press locked onto was 23.1 percent of depositors saying they plan to buy a house in the next three months. It was the highest total ever recorded.

The question asked was: do you have any big spending plans in the next 3 months? Respondents could choose more than one. Travel was tops at 33.6 percent, education 26.2 percent, healthcare 23.6, big consumer item 23.3, house 23.1, entertainment 18.3, insurance 14.6.

iFeng: 央行:23.1%居民准备未来3个月买房 比例创新高
PBoC Depositor Survey: 2017 年第二季度城镇储户问卷调查报告 (pdf)

The banker survey shows bankers more confident about the macro economy, but the only time they were less pleased with monetary policy was in 2011.

Banker Survey: 2017年第二季度银行家问卷调查报告 (pdf)

Entrepreneur confidence is at its highest level since the first quarter of 2014. The foreign and domestic orders index crossed 50 percent, the first time in at least 3 years. The last time these were well above 50 percent was in 2011.
Entrepreneur survey: 2017年第二季度企业家问卷调查报告 (pdf)

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