Zhengzhou: Sunac Slashes Prices 20pc, Demands 100pc Cash

Caijing: 调控下房企求生样本:融创郑州降价20% 要求全款购房
June 24, Zhengzhou Sunac as a new opening of a lake. In the surrounding high-level housing prices average price of 13,000 yuan / square meters above the market, like the lake one high-level average price of 10,000 yuan / square meter, down 20%. But Sunac made an all cash purchase prerequisite. Reporters on June 27 repeatedly call the sales office were no answer.

Informed sources, the recent financial development of two real estate promotions. In addition to the above as Lake One, there are Tianjin Rongyuan. Reporters call the project sales office was informed that last year opened in September to sell a group with 28,000 yuan / square meter decoration, and now only sold rough 24,000-25,000 / square meter.

...Not only Zhengzhou, June 25, Shijiazhuang a low-key opening of a project, hardcover high-level about 15,000 yuan / square meter, houses 15,500 yuan / square meter, lower than the expected price of about 15%. It is understood that the project surrounding the rough price of the project, the basic in the 16,000 -2 million / square meter range. Beijing surrounding Yanjiao, there are housing prices have been reduced by five or six thousand yuan / square meter, the decline is about 20% -30%.
The article speculates that the cuts stem from cash flow problems at Sunac, along with the desire to quickly move property in markets with slackening demand.

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