Indian Customers Replace US and EU in Yiwu

EO: 义乌式转型:中国小商品贸易的大买主变身印度人
In India, close to 1 million people in the hands of this handbag from China Yiwu International Trade City, a second named Junxi luggage store. In the past five months, the store has just gone through nearly three years of the hottest wave of the market, some orders have not yet completed delivery - the factory has been busy to come.

Junxi luggage owner Chen Lixiu in the past 5 months time to contact overseas buyers, the most is from India's buyers, they are characterized by a huge amount of purchases, but the sensitivity of the price is also very high, in the procurement, They will be counter-offer for the unit.

January to April 2017, in Yiwu City, the export of many countries, the highest total exports is India, and in a few years ago, the top position is generally occupied by the United States.

Yiwu, the "Made in China" foreign trade landmarks, is taking place is not easy to detect but it affects the profound changes: Indians replaced Europe and the United States, Yiwu become the largest new buyers. They are in the Yiwu small commodity market and the Chinese shopkeepers to PCT as a unit bargain, like the global economic arena on the same as the dragon game.

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