Yanjiao Housing: Prices, But No Market

A familiar phrase when China's housing market enters the doldrums: there are prices, but no market. This time in Yanjiao, a Beijing suburb in Hebei province. It is within Sanhe country, and that county has a price target for the market: October 2016 prices. Some homes are down several thousand yuan per sqm, but there are still no takers.
The Sanhe new regulations are derived from the above policy spirit. And proposed to stabilize house prices at the level of October 2016.
Prices spiked in the past year, but have come down sharply in the past couple of months:
June 11, the reporter saw the chain home online, published in a month ago, the availability of information on the city on the third quarter of a set of 165 square meters of housing, the total price of 3 million yuan, the unit price of about 18,000 yuan / square meter. Half a month before the release of the East a city of 77 square meters of housing, 1.54 million yuan, the price of about 19900 yuan / square meter. This is the chain home site can find a few, broken 20,000 yuan below the availability. Most of the unit price remained at 20,000 yuan or more.

Yan Shun Road is Yanjiao high-end second-hand housing concentrated area. Yan Shun Road in the vicinity of the West Street, the intermediary gathered, two or three intermediary stores are very common neighbors.

Here entrenched two real estate, one is the East International Trade, one is the influx of white people. East Trade International is to enter Yanjiao can see the benchmark real estate. According to several local brokers, the current price of 27,000-28000 yuan, which is a broker said, the unit price of 25,000 yuan of housing also exists, housing will be worse.

In another intermediary display board, the reporter saw the region housing prices are almost all more than 30,000 yuan / square meters. Ask the intermediary that this is the price of March, the board has not yet timely removed.

Reporter mobile phone received a chain of home broker released a low-cost housing information: Hawaii Garden two-bedroom, 71 square meters total price of 1.99 million yuan, the average price of 28,000 yuan / square meter, and in March this year, Hawaii Garden price was 33,000 yuan / square meter.

"Every district has a low point, some district does not have defensive, before close to thirty thousand, now more than twenty thousand, and even individual houses in the 20,000 yuan, but Hawaii house price down to 25,000 yuan may be Is not big, this is the region's well-known high-end district. "Chain family broker Xiao Zhou said.

At present, Yanjiao low-end and high-end residential housing prices the highest difference of about 10,000 yuan. So the price of different districts is not comparable. Even if a district of different housing prices are not comparable, only the same source price of the apartment, is the actual price changes.
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