Minsheng Hikes Beijing Mortgage Rates to 1.1x Benchmark

Other cities are expected to follow in Beijing's footsteps.

iFeng: 一线城市银行上调房贷利率 其他城市会跟进?
"We are generally not the first move, the market moving we will follow the move, there will be a fifth adjustment, the first set of lending rates to implement the minimum benchmark floating 10%." A gold control joint-stock bankers said.

As the Beijing area first raised the first home loan interest rates Minsheng Bank, the first home is 10% above benchmarks, second homes are 20% above benchmart ​​interest rate policy, will be June 5 from the official implementation.

"Now the mortgage rate changes particularly fast, after a week may have changed." A large state-owned bankers said.

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