More Fake Numbers: Jilin Cities and Corporations Busted

iFeng: 中央巡视反馈:吉林部分地方和企业经济数据造假
Jilin: In some places, corporate economic data fraud.

In the tour of Jilin, "look back", the inspection team found that cadres and cadres to reflect some of the problems, mainly:

"Four consciousness" is not strong enough to carry out the central major decision-making is not enough in place to implement the ideological responsibility system is not strong enough, poverty alleviation work is not enough precision; political ecology is not healthy, there is "good", and some places, corporate economic data fraud ; The leadership of the party building is not strong enough, the party's political life is not strict enough, and some grassroots party organizations weak and lax; executive cadre selection and appointment of the relevant provisions are not strict enough, and some leading cadres "sick promotion"; comprehensive strict governance party is not strong enough, "Two responsibilities" is not enough to implement, in violation of the central eight provisions of the spirit and grassroots damage to the interests of the masses have occurred, state-owned enterprises, transportation and other key areas of existence of the risk of clean-up; the last round of inspections of office space exceeded, illegal part-time and illegal equipment Cadres rectification is not in place.

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