Aliens Support Alien Ideology

Commentary: The left is winning
And regardless of your politics, there's a compelling case to be made for this analysis. Young voters, a block Democrats are increasingly reliant on, are broadly speaking far to the left of the elders. A majority of them now reject capitalism entirely, an extraordinary development in a country where socialism has long been viewed as an essentially alien ideology.
Millennials also do not support basic American concepts such as freedom of speech. This is why America could be headed for a divorce, amicable or violent. It is driven by demographics, not political debate. There is no longer political debate in the United States, there is only identity. There is no reversing the things we're seeing in American politics without reversing demographic changes. Social mood only accelerates and amplifies the changes because during periods of negative mood, people want to fight.

The Olympian: Students allege racism, protest administrators at The Evergreen State College
“This institution is really (messed) up and racist,” she said. “We shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

A group of protesters sent the following statement in a news release to The Olympian: “What started out as anti-black comments on social media has turned into the dismissal of the rights of students and femmes of color, physical violence by police, and false sentencing of students protesting. Black trans disabled students are actively being sought out and confronted by campus police constantly, police are refusing to explain their actions and harassment. Students will not stand for this anymore, as students of color have never felt comfortable on campus and have not been treated equally.”
The left is not rising in America, what is happening is minorities are rising as a percentage of the population thanks to mass immigration. White liberals are being removed because they stand in the way of rising minorities. The left's appeals to identity politics and to concepts such as "white privilege" is hastening their political destruction, but these concepts are emerging because of demographic changes. Essentially, white liberals are the most "racist" people in America because they are blocking rising minorities. Under identity politics, white people can choose white leaders, and that is what the GOP is for. The Democrat Party is for minorities, yet remains heavily dominated by whites. This is why some Chinese call white liberals baizuo (白左), because their ideology is self-destructive.

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