Media Rushes to Put Out Fire After "20 Banks Halt Mortgage Lending"

Headlines in the finance and real estate sections are trying to put out the fire started by news of 20 banks halting mortgage lending.

iFeng: “20家银行停贷”数据需质疑 防范借机炒作引市场恐慌
Bank mortgage market is "treating everyone as the enemy." Banks raised the mortgage interest rate news is still fermented, the market has news that 20 banks have stopped lending, the news continued fermentation last weekend. In the view of analysts, "20 banks stop lending" data is not representative, the bank can not be a large area of ​​lending.

"20 banks stop lending" is not representative

Rong 360 monitoring data show that currently 20 of 533 banks have suspended lending, in the future there will be more banks suspending the mortgage business. But within the framework of the policy, there will not be a large area of ​​loans, affecting the normal order of the mortgage market. This is not good for buyers, may increase the difficulty of loans.

...Zhang Dawei said that the credit rate is up trend, but can not appear a large area of ​​loans. He explained that the cost of home buyers continue to rise, has gradually completed the process from quantitative to qualitative change, the pressure of the loan is growing. The current market turnover has been a comprehensive cooling, prices began to appear. Mortgage is still the majority of the bank's high-quality business, it is impossible to appear a large area of ​​the phenomenon of stop lending.

In the impact of the news level, Yan Yue Jin that even if there are 20 banks to stop lending, in fact, for housing prices and buyers are not big. He pointed out that the specific circumstances of the loans, housing prices and buyers can be negotiated.

Yan Yuejin also reminded that to prevent intermediary companies or agents may use this news to hype in order to speed up the purpose of home buyers to sign, which may lead to some panic transactions, such panic transactions to be controlled, such as Said to prevent some of the banks to tighten the spread of the follow-up must be completely tightening the guide. The current bank loan is only a case, will not have a substantial impact on the specific purchase transactions.
iFeng: 20家银行暂停房贷?专家:不可能出现大面积停贷
For a time, the major media have forwarded the story, but after careful comparison found that the statistical criteria is not very strict. Analysis of the industry, "now the mortgage is very critical, the mortgage is indeed tightening, are afraid of further panic phenomenon. Payment data is to follow the share of the banks to see the mainstream banks, this statistical agency did not say last month, last year there is no Stop the loan, when did the 20 banks stop lending? The key is who are the 20 banks? Is it 20 banks or 20 branches, is it 20 branches of the same bank? In fact, this statistical agency is the 35 cities Branch as a bank to statistics, a total of more than 500, the 20 stop lending bank, its previous statistics have been stopped.

In other words, the mortgage interest rate has its own special policy background and bank assets shortage of profit factors, and "stop lending" can not be directly linked.

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