50-plus Cities Have Selling Restrictions, Average Wait 4 to 5 Years

More than 50 cities have selling restrictions that require a homebuyer hold on to a new home for several years before selling.

iFeng: 限售城市或超50个 新房“转手”料需等四五年
First of all, the difference between the number of years of sale, the reporter comb found that most of the city restrictions on sale policy are required to purchase new commercial housing in 2-3 years shall not be transferred, and the premise is in the restricted area; and Baoding Baigou Metro will be banned Period of 5 years, a longer time.

Second, in the restricted object, Hangzhou expressly restricted the object is only for the enterprise, the proposed purchase of Hangzhou to buy regional housing to be 3 years to be listed transactions; Baoding Baigou Metro and other policy restrictions are non-local household residents (family); Guangzhou, Wuxi is the residents and enterprises to set up a different "lock-up period"; of course, most of the city's sales policy is for all housing transactions object.

"In the future to buy new houses in these cities, perhaps in the 4-5 years before they can be sold." Centaline Property chief analyst Zhang Dawei told reporters that due to the sale of many cities or mainly to new home transactions, from signing to get real estate license in general Need a year or two, plus 2-3 years of lock-up period, "resale" cycle was significantly stretched.
Selling restrictions are also expected to hit third- and fourth-tier cities.

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