Breakdown in U.S. Civil Order as Social Mood Declines

The U.S. federal, state and local police allow the existence of Antifa (anti-fascist), an organization that is formed primarily to engage in property destruction and violence against fascists and fascism. With fascism defined as anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders, or maybe even including Bernie. These are the extremists' extremists. They caused the Charlottesville riots in summer 2017.

Here they are clad in black, wearing masks, throwing m-80s, flashbang grenades, bricks and other weapons at political marchers. The police are hiding behind barricades. As a result, average people showing up to a political rally have to rely on themselves to confront the violent group.

ZH: Snyder: Civil Unrest Is Here, Prepare For A "Summer Of Rage"
‘They were throwing rocks, they were throwing bottles, you need to tell the truth,’ one middle-aged woman in a Make America Great Again hat said after the clashes, addressing media in remarks caught on camera.

‘No one on our side did anything violent, everything was self defense,’ she claimed. ‘You guys have to stop it because you’re encouraging these people to come down here and try to murder us.’
This is how civil order fell apart in Weimar Germany. The state would not or could not stop a violent, revolutionary left. A violent, counter-revolutionary right went into the streets to restore order. It was a very fluid time that could have seen a communist revolution, a reactionary revolution. Instead it got a monster hybrid of reactionary revolutionary socialism that set the world on fire.

The United States is not near the point of collapse, but when the government and police refuse to stop a violent revolutionary group and the people begin taking law and order into their own hands, the seeds of violent civil war are sown. Mood is going to get a lot worse in the coming years, and these types of conflicts will grow exponentially in number and in intensity.

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