Real Estate Chaos Causing Panic, Regulators Prepare to Drop Hammer in H2

iFeng: 部分城市房地产市场乱象引恐慌 下半年调控将高压
At present, the real estate market in some cities can be described as chaotic. Some people use the “new talent policy” to lower the opportunity to settle in the house to enter the real estate speculation. Some enterprises use the limited purchase vulnerability to speculate in real estate speculation. More people see the price limit policy leading to a second-hand The housing space is seriously hanged upside down; there are housing companies reluctant to sell, create burglary, omnipotent refusal of provident fund loans, no explicit price tag, extra-price charges, false swaying, speculative house number, default house; some intermediaries Issue false price information, push up house prices, provide “down payment” for violations, and make yin and yang contracts; some false advertisements mislead buyers, and some media attract eyeball speculation. These market chaos has caused market panic, aggravated expectations of rising house prices, seriously infringed on the interests of ordinary people, and needs to be treated. This special rectification is precisely a precise blow to violations of laws and regulations by market participants.
Central planning is hard work, especially when central planners use rampant credit inflation to achieve economic targets. Also when policies such as housing lotteries exacerbate speculative fever. Instead of taking the simple step of banning the lotteries, it looks like the government will play whack-a-mole trying to prevent unqualified buyers from entering the lottery.
Real estate regulation and control is a systematic project. Maintaining the order of the real estate market is also a package of work. It requires multi-departmental coordination and cooperation, and it needs the local government to vigorously promote and implement it. In addition to the MCB and the State Administration of Taxation, which have participated in the regulation and control in the past, this special rectification has also joined forces with the General Administration of Market Supervision, especially the participation of the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Justice, which further strengthens the rectification of chaos and can form a The constraints of public opinion and the deterrent effect on illegal activities, the violations of laws and regulations found in the implementation of special actions in the future will be severely punished according to law; local governments and departments with insufficient governance and inadequate policy implementation will be firmly accountable. This has formed a regulatory situation in which multi-sectoral governance and co-management.

Although the special rectification action was first carried out in 30 cities, it does not mean that these 30 cities have problems, nor does it mean that other cities have no problems. These 30 cities include 16 hotspot cities such as Beishangguangshen and Shenzhen. They also include some potential hotspot cities, places where the media exposes violations of laws and regulations, and some cities that have already been rectifying violations. The rectification of the 30-city chaos that lasted for half a year is not a simple market order rectification and standardization. By the end of the year, it will expand the scope and carry out comprehensively. Ultimately, it is necessary to establish a long-term mechanism for real estate market supervision, thereby promoting the long-term real estate market in the country. Healthy and stable.

In order to promote and implement the rectification tasks and ensure the effectiveness of the special actions, some cities need to introduce detailed special rectification measures, especially the policy measures to curb speculative real estate speculation, recently Chengdu, Changsha, etc. The land has a reference for the “patching” of the policy of purchasing talents and the “blocking” of restrictions on purchases. This also means that the regulation of the property market in the second half of the year will remain high.

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