Immigration Now #1 Issue in America Too

Quinnipiac: Harsh Words For U.S. Family Separation Policy, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Voters Have Dim View Of Trump, Dems On Immigration
American voters disapprove 58 - 39 percent of the way President Donald Trump is handling immigration.

President Trump is racist, 49 percent of voters say, while 47 percent say he is not racist. But 50 percent of voters say the main motive for Trump's immigration policies is "a sincere interest in controlling our borders," while 44 percent say the main motive is "racist beliefs."

Democrats in Congress are more interested in "exploiting the nation's immigration issue for political gain," 60 percent of voters say, while 34 percent say they are more interested in "resolving the nation's immigration issue."

"The words are G-rated, but a punch to the gut of President Donald Trump's immigration policy," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

"When it comes to the separation of immigrant kids from their parents, American voters are clearly appalled."
The child separation policy is unpopular, but not controlling open borders. A politician can make a mistake in one of two ways: by being too harsh or being too lenient. Trump's child separation policy is a mistake, but it signaled he is tough on immigration. He is winning the war even though he lost a battle. Immigration is the top issue for Republicans and Independents, and a majority of the country wants immigration restrictions.
Most political polls are of all registered voters. As seen in 2016, those polls do not always reflect actual turnout. Midterms can deliver very wild results because overall turnout is lower. Democrats won back the House in 2006 and Republicans took it back in 2010, both bucked the Presidential election results two years earlier.

History favors the Democrats in 2018 because they are riding a very powerful short-term trend. President Trump is riding the intermediate- and primary-trend in social mood. This election will tells us how powerful these trends are.

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