Problem for the Establishment: They Never Let the People Vote

A big write-up in the NYTimes about George Soros and "liberal" "democracy." I put those two words in quotes because they don't mean what most people think they mean.

NYTimes: George Soros Bet Big on Liberal Democracy. Now He Fears He Is Losing.

The section that sticks out is a comment by Francis Fukuyama. He's referencing Poland, Hungary and Russia here, but the paragraph fits for all of the West:
Francis Fukuyama is among those who have doubts today. “There’s now a lot of evidence that a lot of that turn toward liberal democracy in the early days, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, really was driven by a kind of educated, very pro-Western elite,” he told me recently. But less-educated people who lived outside large urban areas “didn’t really buy into liberalism, this idea that you could actually have a multiracial, multiethnic society where all these traditional communal values would have to give way to gay marriage and immigrants and all this stuff. That they definitely did not buy into.
TWhen were the people of the West given a vote on destroying their cultures and traditions and replacing it with a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural state governed by a largely unelected elite from transnational organizations such as the European Union? As U.S. states started approving gay marriage democratically, their power was usurped by the court. On immigration, the people have been silenced for decades despite polling data showing consistent support for immigration restrictions to one degree or another. Now the establishment is falling apart because it is approaching an "80/20" inversion where ~60-70 percent of the people strongly support policies (as in, they will vote for whoever pushes these positions) and ~80 percent of the establishment has drawn a red line of "it's us or these policies." We can see how this is turning out.

The words liberal and democracy have nothing to do with immigration and multiculturalism. The terms have been hijacked. The threat to liberalism and democracy comes from the establishment calling their illiberal and anti-democratic project "liberal democracy." It should be called international technocracy or something more accurate. Instead, it is labeling what the people dislike, which is not liberal democracy but mass immigration and destruction of native political power, culture and tradition, banks taking over political decision making, Wall Street setting trade policy for Main Street. Liberalism itself is under siege because unassimilated foreigners prefer more socialist and statist policies than the natives in many Western countries. (Support for free speech is falling in the United States because of immigration and diversity.)

Liberal democracy, or at least liberal republicanism with Property Rights, Natural Rights and Common Law elevated above democracy where necessary, is the "communal value" of the American people and many other Western nations. The globalists real beef is with those values along with sovereignty. They don't want nations around because nations can set their own policies. They don't like voters who prefer to make choices about education, healthcare, commerce and all the rest by themselves. For anti-democratic international organizations run by technocrats to accrue power, it must be taken away from the people and nation states. Russia and China are powerful nation states that do not want to fall under the control of a Western-dominated technocracy, even if they might like the idea were they in charge. Since they are large enough to counter-balance the West, they are enemies #1 and #2. Nationalists in various countries are also enemies. As are the voters in the United States, who having the ability to elect the core government within this illiberal project, have the power to bring the whole project to an immediate end. President Trump is the bull in their china shop.

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