PBoC Wins, State Council Calls for Expanded Demand, Accelerated Bond Issuance

iFeng: 国常会:积极财政政策要更加积极 稳健货币政策要松紧适度
The State Council executive meeting proposed to support the expansion of domestic demand;

The State Council executive meeting called for maintaining macroeconomic stability and active fiscal policy to be more active;

Do not engage in strong flooding and strong stimulation, according to the situation, the camera is pre-adjusted and fine-tuned, and directional control;

Steady monetary policy is moderate and moderate, maintaining a moderate financing scale and maintaining a reasonable liquidity;

Unblock the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, guide financial institutions to use small-scale funds to support small and micro enterprises, and guide financial institutions to ensure the financing needs of financing platform companies;

Accelerate the issuance of 1.35 trillion yuan of local government special bonds this year to promote early results;

The State Council said that it has promoted a number of private investment projects in the fields of transportation, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

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