Existing Home Sales Slow 20pc in 20 Cities

In light of the prior post, ortgage Rates Soar as 36 Trillion Yuan Credit Wave Expected, here's some evidence regulators may have achieved some success. Volume typically leads price.

iFeng: 20城二手房成交降两成一线城市交易降温
“After hitting a half-year high in May, the second-hand residential market in Beijing has cooled down in June and July.” I love Hu Jiahui, dean of our family group research institute, said that after July, Beijing’s second-hand residential single-day contract is basically at 800. Set below.

Not only the transaction volume of the existing housing market in Beijing has been difficult to return to the same period of last year. From the overall transaction situation of the second-hand housing market in first-tier cities and 20 typical cities, the first half of the year was in a downturn.

According to the research report of Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute, in the first half of 2018, the cumulative turnover of existing houses in 20 cities was about 635,000 sets, down 20% year-on-year, and the decline was 3 percentage points lower than the previous five months. From the perspective of volumetric energy, the first-tier cities are the least fascinated, and three of the four first-tier cities have negative energy levels.

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