Shantytown Renovation Downside: Homes Demolished, But No Place to Live

Some residents in Langfang are still renting years after their homes were demolished.

iFeng: 棚改项目上千户群众未回迁 村民:没人搭理我们
Many villagers from the Beichang North Team of Beishijiawu Township, Anci District, Langfang City, Hebei Province, told reporters that they had rented houses for many years. At that time, the 24 months of the agreement signed by the agreement had not been honored. What made them even more incomprehensible was that some of the relocated houses had already been built, but they could not live.

...Mr. Yang (a pseudonym), a villager of the Beichang South Team, said: "We have looked for the district government and the municipal government. The answer is that this is a complete procedure at the end of June. It broke ground in 2018, but now there is no movement."

The villagers told reporters that in April 2009, Langfang City responded to the call of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government for “three years of great change” and “large demolition and promotion to promote development” and began earth-shaking urban construction. To improve the living environment of the villages in the city, everyone applauded at first, but who knows that "good things" has dragged on for so many years.

A villager said: "The people were very happy at that time and increased our well-being. The speed of the operation was also very fast. I didn't think to say that I wanted to move back in 24 months. No one will take care of us in the third year."

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