More Bannon on Trade War

Thanks to Greg Isaacson for sending this my way.

Spectator: Steve Bannon: ‘We have to end the Cold War with Russia’

There is a 50 minute interview with Steve Bannon at the link. I haven't listened yet.

Regarding China, Greg summarized Bannon's comments as follows:
The relevant part of the podcast starts at 24:00. The five prongs Bannon refers to:

1. Take China off the banking system or limit their access to capital markets - too much of a blunt instrument
2. Scale of the tariffs – half a trillion dollars
3. Section 301 investigations – no more forced technology transfers through joint ventures
4. Executive actions on ZTE – “There's 50 ZTEs. You could liquidate all of them in 30 days.”
5. Proposal to ban investment in sensitive US technologies by companies with 25% Chinese ownership – limiting Chinese access to technology

"If we were to go full on and pull the trigger on that, and converge those all in a point, you bring 'em to their knees right now."

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