A New Internet for a New Banking System

This article focuses on NSA spying, but with a secure network of communication outside of U.S. control, BRIC nations can also launch a competitor banking system (H/T: JSMineset). The U.S. government currently controls global banking, which is why it is able to shut off money flows in and out of countries like Iran. This is why Iran ends up needing to deals in gold, or find ways around U.S. control of the SWIFT system. Even though SWIFT is ostensibly international...
On 26 February 2012 the Danish newspaper Berlingske reported that US authorities evidently have sufficient control over SWIFT to seize money being transferred between two EU countries (Denmark and Germany), since they have seized around US$26,000 which were being transferred from a Danish businessman to a German bank. The money was a payment for a batch of Cuban cigars previously imported to Germany by a German supplier. As justification for the seizure, the U.S. Treasury has stated that the Danish businessman had violated the United States embargo against Cuba

Powerful Nations and Companies Fight Back Against NSA Spying

The "de-Americanized world" is coming, and it is as much a matter of social mood, as it is a matter of U.S. overreach and financial folly, as it is America's competitors and enemies seeking a leg up.

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