Now Mexicans Speak of Secession

Given the huge flow of Mexicans into the United States, one overlooked potential shift would be for the United States to take even more of Mexican territory (adding to what it took after the Mexican-American war).

Mexican license plates are common in parking lots of shopping malls in U.S. border cities. They will be even more familiar after Mexico raises its federal sales tax in border regions to match the rest of the country, say merchants and shoppers.

The increase to 16 percent from 11 percent, which takes effect Wednesday, has sparked large protests on the Mexican side of the border.

......The tax increase spawned Facebook pages with renegade slogans for Mexican border states. "Republic of Baja California" has 140,000 likes, and "Republic of Chihuahua" has 36,000 likes.

About 2,500 shoppers signed a petition the weekend before Christmas at a Tijuana shopping mall to seek an injunction against the tax increase, Hernandez said. The Tijuana business group is leading an effort in Mexican border states to submit tens of thousands of signatures to a federal court in Tijuana in early February.
As seen elsewhere when secession is brought up, a region distant from the political center (geographic, ethnic and/or ideological) decides it no longer benefits from political union. The United States does not have an aggressive foreign policy in North America anymore, but given the flow of Mexican immigration, a more aggressive U.S. might try to snatch those border areas from Mexico.

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