The Power of Chinese Pollution

Amazing if accurate. With so much junk science out there, I don't believe anything unless it's replicated. A great way to check this would be to get data on the birth tourists who move to Los Angeles for their last month or two of pregnancy.

"These findings not only illustrate one of the many significant health consequences of pollution, but also demonstrate that this phenomenon can be reversed," said David Rich, the study's lead author and epidemiologist with New York's University of Rochester Medical Centre.

Babies born to mothers whose eighth month of pregnancy fell between August 8 and September 24, 2008, were an average 23 grams heavier than those born in the same period in the years before and after.

"Twenty-three grams doesn't seem big … but for a baby with already very low weight it's a big difference," said Duke University's Professor Jim Zhang Junfeng, who worked on the report.

SCMP: Chinese babies born in low-smog Olympics year 23 grams heavier

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