Wuhan and Zhengzhou Are Not National Centers, Yet

Not yet at least. Both cities have shortcomings according to the NDRC, which published a report in support of the cities becoming national centers.

iFeng: 大乌龙!郑州武汉不是“国家中心城市”
On the eve of the Spring Festival, the National Development and Reform Commission issued on the support of Wuhan and Zhengzhou, the construction of national central city guidance. One is the Central Plains city group core city, one is the Yangtze River middle reaches of the city, specifically how to build national central city? Documents to the two cities have a new specific location, but also put forward two shortcoming ideas.

A person close to the National Development and Reform Commission told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, the central level approved the construction of national central cities, does not mean that the city is "national central city", the policy is to mobilize local initiative, but the key is to see how to build.

...February 2, Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Yi presided over the Municipal Council, the study of national central city construction work.

Wuhan Municipal Government, a person also mentioned that the current construction of the national central city of Wuhan and Hubei Province is the head of the work, the forthcoming Wuhan two sessions, on behalf of members of the consultation with the construction of national central city-related motion, the proposal.

National Development and Reform Commission documents also referred to the shortcomings of Zhengzhou and Wuhan. Document said, Zhengzhou is located in the national "two horizontal and three vertical" urbanization pattern, the land bridge channel and the Beijing-Beijing-Beijing railway crossing intersection, but the economy is not high first, high-end elements of resource aggregation is not strong, regional radiation Zhengzhou is the main node city of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge Economic Corridor, but the current open level is not high, the role of the window is not strong.

The 21st century economic news reporter combed discovery, Zhengzhou population in Henan ranked second, lower than Nanyang. In terms of total economic output, the GDP of Wuhan in Hubei province is 37% in 2015, while that of Zhengzhou in Henan is less than 20%.

Zhengzhou Mayor Cheng Zhiming in his speech on February 2 also said that the biggest shortcoming in Zhengzhou is the economic strength and lack of innovation. He pointed out that Zhengzhou to thick advantage, to build an international hub for the city to enhance the city's comprehensive carrying capacity, the potential as soon as possible into reality.

National Development and Reform Commission documents, Wuhan's shortcoming is "a city dominance" and "big but not strong." Wuhan city circle construction lag, high-end service function is insufficient, radiation is not strong enough to play, it is difficult to play the middle reaches of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the Yangtze River City Group core city supporting role.

Wu Chuanqing told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, and Zhengzhou the contrary, Wuhan in Hubei and even in the central, whether it is the total economic output or population is a city dominance, but its peripheral radiation is limited, from the file mentioned "Service the whole country, connecting the world" there is a certain distance, which is the construction of national central cities need to correct the shortcoming.

Wu Chuanqing said that the document to the Wuhan shortcoming also put forward ideas, including accelerating the gathering of high-end elements, enhance the radiation of the central modern service functions, to build an important national comprehensive transportation hub, to build the world's inland open heights.

January 22, less than a month to fulfill the new party secretary of Wuhan Chen proposed a new "Yangtze River New City." The next five years, Wuhan to the standard Shanghai Pudong New Area, Tianjin Binhai New Area, Guangzhou Zhujiang New City, with world-class standards, the construction of the Yangtze River Metro. He proposed to optimize the Yangtze River in Wuhan planning spindle, focusing on the main city of the Yangtze River, to create a world-class city axis landscape with civilization.

Wu Chuanqing believes that with the "adhere to based on the middle reaches, leading the central, national service, link global" national central city positioning consistent

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