Third and Fourth-Tier Housing Markets Pop

iFeng: 三四线城市楼市“涨声嘹亮”土地交易活跃
The latest statistics show that in the first two months of this year, of more than 60 cities in China, 23 of them have seen commercial housing turnover increase by more than 50%, of which the vast majority are third- and fourth-tier cities.

In addition, China Index Research Institute released the 300 city land market monthly report, in January this year, the third- and fourth-tier land sales were 30 million square meters, more than the first- and second-tier cities combines (less than 25 million square meters); Month of the relevant statistics are equally surprising, third- and fourth-tire transaction area, the transfer of gold, floor price and other important indicators are rising, which land transfer a year-on-year up 41%, while the first-tier cities are up 15%.

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