Unrestricted Warfare Author New Book: China One of Three Powers

Wang Xiangsui wrote Unrestricted Warfare at the turn of the century. The book is essentially the case for asymmetric warfare.

Now Wang has a new book out.
Beijing Youth Daily: 《三居其一》建言中国复兴战略
In the "Sanju one: the world's future positioning of China," a book, WANG Xiang Sui boldly made a "world order reconstruction, third world" prophecy. On the one hand the United States may abandon its single-handedly created the global system, and focus on the United States itself, back to become "America America"; Europe will endeavor to prevent re-fragmentation of the European trend off, continue to follow the path of the European Communities; and with the China "along the way" initiative to promote win-win cooperation in the Pan-Asian community has been created. "Once we dominate the world of modern capitalist system a serious rift third of the world is becoming a new trend of history."

Accordingly, the book creatively put forward the position of China should "Sanju one", that "there is one-third of the world, various models have one." China does not attempt to dominate the world rule, does not seek global hegemony, neither do not want to undertake the United States as another empire. China asked for "a" spatially limited area, in the model is to provide an alternative development path and way of life. "Sanju First" is the Chinese path and model will become a model for the modernization of the road with the West on behalf of the United States, Europe coexist, which is conducive to developing countries to get rid of dependent development patterns and marginalized in the development and way of life on just one of many modes.
A half-hour discussion with Wang about his new book is here: 王湘穗:未来世界三分 中国必居其一

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